Platforms For Online Sellers: A Deep Dive Into NOTHS

By Jordan Westley, E-commerce and OMS Expert

At Mintsoft, we can offer seamless integrations to help online sellers scaling and sell on multiple platforms. If you are a new seller or looking to sell online, then you may have considered Not On The High Street. Before you apply, we’ll take a look at the history of the brand and what Not On The High Street looks for, the rates and costs of selling on Not On The High Street, and why you may need an order management system to handle the volume of sales.

How did Not On The High Street start?

It was founded by Holly Tucker, who ran the ‘Chiswick Christmas Fair’, gathering all local sellers to sell wreaths she had made at home. It was a success, and Holly then launched ‘Your Local Fair’, around London and the South East attracting independent and artisan sellers, leading to management of other fairs. Holly created as a place to relocate the fair experience online with a background in managing website. With the team working unpaid for over a year, the business soon took off and now is a leading online marketplace, with around 5,000 businesses selling on the platform.

Should you sell on Not On The High Street?

Selling on this platform is a stamp of quality and uniqueness and the team at Not On The High Street have a vetting process for applicants looking to join the platform. Being cautious has helped elevate the brand, and it reaps the rewards for the sellers too.  Boutique retailers can make an average of £29,000 per year or turn over more than £1 million.

They are what is known as a curated marketplace, and with over 38 million unique visitors each year, they drive traffic that would be expensive to acquire as a new start up. Their spending on marketing, TV advertising, influencer outreach, leaflet and brochure drops and PR all adds clout to the indie seller working out of their kitchen.

It is also in their interests to see you shine as a seller, which is why they offer guidance on things like SEO and storefronts, new product development and pricing strategy.  

Getting your products onto Not On The High Street

Not On The High Street currently accepts partners with a UK or Irish business address but are looking at international businesses soon. You can apply to be a seller by using their online application form, but this is something you will want to dedicate some time to. As well as basic details, you will want to give as much information as you can about your company and products and your brand’s story.

The company is looking for evidence that you can sell your items, and ideally, you have successfully sold and delivered great customer service. An unknown entity is far less likely to be accepted onto the platform. Another one of our integrated partners, Shopify, is a great choice here. Getting yourself set up and selling online is the best first step.

You will also want to showcase your story and personality. Like Holly and her initial motivations for setting up a business, each brand should have its unique reason for being. You could even add in recent customer feedback or social media links.

How much does it cost to sell on Not On The High Street?

At the time of writing, the costs amount to a setup cost of  £199 (£238.80 including VAT) and a sale commission of 25% plus VAT per sale.

You may wish to include offers directing customers on your site, social media channels or email marketing to capture their data and attention for follow on sales. Speak to your 3PL, warehouse or fulfilment provider (if you are at this stage of business) around kitting and packaging options to ensure that the customer receives your branded or promotional messages.

It is key to mention that reports from Mintsoft customers have shown that not every business that applies gets accepted to sell on their first application. If you have been declined before, make the necessary adjustments around your story, products and testimonials, and apply again. Don’t forget to make everything cohesive, from the brand story through to the product ranges themselves.

Integrating Not On The High Street with Mintsoft

Minstoft offers a way to integrate with your marketplaces, shopping carts and couriers from one platform and manage your online shops across multiple channels.

If you are already selling on eBay, Amazon, Etsy or any number of marketplaces, you need a way to handle these orders. Mintsoft is here to help you. Mintsoft is a cloud-based order management, marketplace and courier management tool.

With Mintsoft, you can grow your business with over 60 standard marketplace integrations and over 80 UK and worldwide courier integrations. Get on top of your inventory with real-time stock visibility across multiple marketplaces, deliver great customer experiences by keeping all your online shops updated at all times, and ensure your Not On The High Street orders are fulfilled perfectly, for great reviews every time.

Interested? Take a look at our platform and how it can work for your business.