Powerful warehouse analytics at your fingertips

Grow your business with the insights you need to operate more productively and profitably.

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Actionable, real-time reporting for warehouses, 3PLs and retailers

Mintsoft’s powerful dashboards empower business leaders to easily track all their business performance and warehouse productivity metrics, all from one place.

Business KPI & productivity dashboards that help you make data-driven decisions

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Track business health & performance

Create your own dashboards to track all your key business KPIs from one location

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Optimise warehouse productivity

Increase accuracy and efficiency through better visibility and ownership of productivity measures

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Reduce costs

Decrease operation costs, reduce errors and increase revenue by resourcing more efficiently and identifying the most profitable revenue streams

Gain greater visibility of business KPIs

From order volumes and stock holding & availability to goods in accuracy and popular stock lines, easily track overall performance metrics and drill into the detail with filters to look at individual product lines or clients for 3PLs.

Reporting Kpis
Reporting Efficiency

Streamline warehouse operations

Ensure your warehouse is running at optimal efficiency by monitoring key metrics such as on time in full despatch times, order processing volumes and picker efficiency. Monitor the space used in your warehouse & manage staff requirement levels.

Grow revenue and profitability

Easily identify your most profitable product lines or accounts and monitor trends such as delivery spikes to proactively manage resourcing.

3PLs can also use orders processed data and client revenue metrics to accurately size and quote new opportunities.

Reporting Revenue
Reporting One Source

Align on one source of truth

Bring multiple data sources together to align and empower your entire team on a common set of reporting metrics that they can each own and influence to drive business performance

Reporting and Analytics FAQs

We have 4 tiers of plans, depending on your business size and needs. Our pricing plans also offer custom pricing packages if your requirements exceed the features offered by the maximum tier. 

We have 4 tiers of plans, depending on your business size, and all of our pricing plans for multi-channel retailers can be found here. If your requirements exceed the features offered by the maximum tier, we offer custom pricing packages to suit your business needs as well. 

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