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Multichannel Listing Software

Easy product listing

Mintsoft's multichannel listings software for UK and global retailers allows you to quickly and easily list and sell your products with the biggest online marketplaces.

Grow your ecommerce business with multichannel listing software

Mintsoft’s multichannel listing tool allows retailers to easily manage their products across the different channels they sell to. It ensures accuracy with consistent descriptions and delivers greater visibility with our leading analytics and reporting features. With our listings feature ecommerce retailers will improve efficiency, profitability and reduce the risk of errors.

List your products on multiple channels with ease

Mintsoft’s multichannel listing tool integrations allow retailers to expand their reach and list their products in multiple marketplaces and ecommerce stores to grow sales.

Benefits of Mintsoft's multichannel listings software


Update all your listings from one location, eliminating manual repetition and saving you time.


Ensure consistent, accurate listings by updating your products from one central source of truth.


Improved visibility of your product listings, allowing you to monitor pricing and descriptions across marketplaces.

Multichannel listing tool features

Bulk Listings

Drive sales to your business more efficiently with our listings management feature by submitting hundreds of new products to multiple channels.

With the bulk listings feature in our multichannel listing software, you'll be able to focus on growing your business by eliminating the time spent manually adding your products.

Product description management

Mintsoft’s multichannel listing tool allows you to manage multiple listings with ease by revising and updating existing product information in bulk across many of your sales channels.

By only needing to update one source of truth, you can rest assured that your product descriptions will be accurate and consistent.

Multiple image support

Create and make use of unique imagery for each product and channel you are selling to appeal to your buyers.

With multiple image support you can ensure your products are always looking their best, wherever they're displayed.

Automated price syncing

Our listing software saves retailers time by automatically updating the pricing of individual products with the pricing synchronisation feature.

You'll be able to easily update your pricing across multiple channels, so you can focus on making more sales.

Inventory control

Every retailer should have an overview of their stock availability. Our inventory control enables you to keep track of your products so you can replenish as you need to; ensuring your customers avoid the dreaded out-of-stock message.

Product status dashboard

Evaluate and control your products from the product status dashboard, where you can identify your star sellers and give extra attention to any underperformers.

With Mintsoft’s multichannel listing software, you can explore which types of products are generating you the most revenue, and which marketplaces are most successful for you.

Greater visibility and fewer errors

Ensure consistency and accuracy in descriptions and pricing with greater visibility of all your listings in one place, alongside powerful analytics and reporting. All of which improves efficiency, profitability and reduces risk of listing errors.

Whether it’s pushing out product revisions across multiple channels or applying rules to automate the fulfilment of different orders, we’ve got you covered.

Multichannel listing software FAQs

Get in touch today if you have any more questions about our multi-channel listings management solution and its features.

Can you sell one item on multiple platforms?

Yes, you can sell one item on multiple platforms. This is called cross-listing, which allows you to use multiple online selling platforms, such as Etsy, eBay and Amazon, to sell a singular item. Online retailers will often use listing software to keep track of listings across several channels.

What is multichannel software?

Multichannel listing software provides ecommerce retailers with a centralised platform to manage listings and sell products simultaneously on multiple marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Not On The High Street.

What is a multichannel marketplace?

Multichannel marketplace selling involves a presence across several retail spaces including brick-and-mortar stores and online marketplaces like eBay or Amazon.

What is multichannel listing?

Multichannel listing is the process of selling your products on more than one sales channel. It could include a mix of your own website as well as online marketplaces and/or brick-and-mortar stores.