Courier API Integration Software

With 89+ courier API integrations, Mintsoft can help you take control of the entire shipping process from one easy-to-use platform.

Direct Courier Integrations

What is courier integration?

Courier integration software connects ecommerce stores to different courier platforms, enabling businesses to manage shipments from one centralised location. A courier API integration will help save time by automatically sending data, such as delivery information, to the shipping courier. Specific rules and criteria can also be set to ensure the most cost-effective courier is chosen to complete the delivery. 


Simplify the delivery process with Mintsoft


We understand the importance of seamless operations when it comes to managing your shipments, which is why our platform integrates with the biggest and most popular courier services.


Remove the complications of multiple deliveries via third-party services by using our direct courier API integrations. Our multi courier integrations mean you no longer have to log onto multiple courier systems, or manually type out tracking numbers into your ecommerce platform.

Easy courier management from a centralised platform

Time is the most valuable asset to any business, which is why we want to make shipping management processes as seamless as possible.


Real-time tracking

Align your warehouse management software and courier integrations for accurate real-time tracking and automated shipping updates.


Increase efficiency

Our courier integrations work in hand with your marketplace integrations, allowing ecommerce businesses to quickly respond to issues and improve overall efficiency.


Save money

Not only can our courier integration software reduce costly errors, the Mintsoft platform automatically selects the cheapest courier option based on your delivery needs.

Mintsoft’s 89+ courier integrations

Mintsoft integrates with over 89 courier platforms, giving you the ability to effortlessly switch and choose couriers that are best suited to each order.

Mintsoft's Courier API Connector

Whether you’re a courier that wants to connect with Mintsoft or a customer looking to integrate with a specific partner, our courier API connector lets you do just that.

Couriers can look to expand their business opportunities by listing your connection on the courier API connector, whilst customers can manage orders over various sales channels by selecting from our industry-leading array of connections. 

Courier API Connector
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