B2B Fulfilment:
Pallets and Cartons

Business-to-business shipments are simplified with Mintsoft’s Pallets & Cartons solution.
Increase efficiency and save warehouse space with warehouse and inventory management tools designed for sending and storing in bulk.

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Manage your pallet storage and B2B orders with Mintsoft

Advanced features enable you to maximise your warehouse space and easily store goods with traceability and accuracy.

  • Universal pallet or carton codes to enable multiple cartons with different SKUs to be added to a single pallet
  • Unique pallet & carton IDs allow you to see what's on each applet and where they are within the warehouse
  • Add specific pallets or cartons to an order, for automated allocation for picking
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Benefits of Mintsoft’s Pallets and Cartons Functionality

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Easy bulk input and output

Receive, transfer and send goods in bulk using unique or mixed pallet and carton IDs

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Increase efficiency

Create and manage pallets and cartons in the most efficient way, saving space in your warehouse

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Mobile barcode scanning

Easily locate and pick full pallets by using unique IDs and our mobile barcode scanners


Coming Soon

Our functionality across Mintsoft is ever-evolving with new features being added to maximise efficiency for your bulk shipping needs. Some of the features coming soon include:

  • Advanced mobile scanning functionality including capability to pick part of a pallet or carton
  • Advanced billing based on pallet and carton type
  • Addition of GS1 capabilities - product attribution fields to ASM receipt
  • Usage report to track the movement of pallets and cartons around the warehouse