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Whether you're a 3PL or ecommerce retailer, control your complete order fulfillment with Mintsoft. The all in one solution automates your order and warehouse processes, reducing errors and saving you time & money.

Remove the need for manual data entry by integrating with all the external platforms you need, to speed up your time to despatch and deliver more to your customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Mintsoft for?

Whether you’re a third-party logistics provider, warehouse, or online retailer, our cloud-based software will be able to support you when it comes to staying ahead of E-commerce and multichannel selling.

Is Mintsoft UK based only?

No, Mintsoft can provide services to businesses worldwide. Our extensive network of integrations allows us to offer support to 3PLs, warehouses and online retailers anywhere in the world.

What systems does Mintsoft integrate with?

Access Mintsoft allows you to seamlessly integrate with over 150 sales channels. Marketplace, accountancy, warehouse management software, inventory, shipping and shopping cart integrations are all featured as standard when you use Mintsoft to power your order management processes. Explore our integrations.

How much does the Mintsoft platform cost?

We have 4 tiers of plans, depending on your business size and needs. Our pricing plans also offer custom pricing packages if your requirements exceed the features offered by the maximum tier. 

What equipment do you need to get started with Mintsoft?

Mintsoft is a cloud-based system, so there are no physical requirements, but we can integrate with the physical kit you have, like your scanners and printers. Getting set up with us is as simple as signing an agreement, and then letting us guide you through the rapid onboarding process.

What’s the price of Mintsoft for 3PL’s and fulfilment houses?

Prices start from just £349/m. If you have more clients and orders than our highest pricing tier we can arrange a custom pricing package tailored to your needs.

What’s the price of Mintsoft for online retailers?

Plans start from just £149/m and in almost 99% of accounts, there is absolutely no setup cost involved either. Support is also included in the price and custom pricing tiers are available if your needs are greater than our highest pricing tier.

Is Mintsoft an order management software system?

Absolutely - with real time updates on orders, inventory, and shipments, Mintsoft helps online retailers and 3PLs deliver a better service, in a more simple and robust manner than they did before. See our detailed Order Management Software page for all the details.

Is Mintsoft a shipping management software system?

Yes! Our shipping management software simplifies and speeds up your shipping process from day one. No more wasted time logging onto courier systems to create shipments or manually typing out tracking numbers to e-commerce platforms! See our Shipping Management page for more info.

Is Mintsoft a cloud-based order management software?

Yes, Mintsoft is a cloud-based order management software for the UK and worldwide. Cloud-based is better for users as all the software is hosted, protected and updated by us. Never again will you have to worry about upgrades, downloads or compatibility errors. Fully secured and always up to date, you can access the service from anywhere you can get an internet connection. 

How will Mintsoft FBA improve my current FBA processes?

You will be able to view all orders, manage third party orders, view and manage stock levels, replenishment picks and shipping from within the Mintsoft platform, removing the need to use spreadsheets or manually send pick lists, replenishment details or shipment information internally, or to Amazon.

Will Mintsoft FBA work across multiple marketplaces e.g. UK / EU?

Yes, Mintsoft can map to marketplaces by Client, Channel and Delivery Country allowing you to access order information and inventory levels. 

Is the Mintsoft FBA solution a real-time update, or is there a delay?

The Mintsoft FBA solution has a user-definable delay setting for stock sync and order sync. The most frequent setting is 15 minutes.