Mintsoft's Courier API Connector

We can offer unlimited courier integrations to customers through our courier API connector which allows couriers to connect with Mintsoft as an approved shipper. 

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Expand your business opportunities 

Whether you're a courier looking to connect with Mintsoft, or a customer looking to ship through a specific partner, our courier API connector allows you to partner with us. 

Mintsoft's API Connector for Couriers

Expand your business opportunities by listing your connection on the Mintsoft Courier Marketplace. Build your own integration and maintain control of any changes and updates allowing you to remain reactive and scalable in an ever-changing market.

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Connect with Mintsoft to become an approved shipper

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Work without delay by updating and maintaining your own connections

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Grow your business and increase your network by connecting to our customer base

Mintsoft's API Connector for Customers

Manage your orders over multiple sales channels selecting from our industry leading array of standard order connections. Ship using one of our pre-built shipping integrations or build your own connections using our courier API connector instead.

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Offering a customisable solution that can integrate with couriers of your choice

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Writing the integration to suit your needs using our standard data export

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Grow your business by providing the connections your clients need

Mintsoft Development Services

If you want to build your own courier connection, or other integrations through our courier API connector but don't have the expertise to do it, then we can help.

Mintsoft development services is a team of specialists that will work with you to help you design, build and maintain the perfect integration for your business.

Development Services

Want to know more?

If you'd like to know more about how our API works and how you can integrate and partner with Mintsoft, or if you're an existing customer and looking to integrate a new courier fill out this form for our partnership team to get in touch

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Courier API Connector FAQs

Yes, however the responsibility for any country specific information lies with the user. Mintsoft will not be adding additional fields to cater for non domestic markets.

The connector requires development resource to create the middleware/connection. This can be customer/courier development or Mintsoft Development Services.

The connection will not be supported by core Mintsoft development. Any changes required to add services, make changes required by the courier for compliance or to complete maintenance must be completed by the user. Mintsoft will however be responsible for any issues with the portal itself or the API.

No. Courier API connector licences can only be sold in blocks of 10.