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Airbox Fulfilment and Mintsoft

About Airbox Fulfilment

Airbox Fulfilment are an e-commerce fulfilment house founded in 2017 by 4 school friends. They’ve rapidly grown from 1 warehouse and 4 friends, to 3 warehouses across the UK and looking to expand into Europe.

Airbox’s success has been built on a foundation of trust, and view themselves as more than a fulfilment partner, but as an extension of any e-commerce business they work with.

Airbox Fulfilment's journey with Mintsoft began 6 years ago when they adopted Mintsoft as their warehouse management system (WMS). From day one, the system has been the backbone of their entire warehouse operation, facilitating every step from goods in to goods out, replenishment, picking and packing and warehouse transfers. By centralising these operations within Mintsoft, Airbox has been able to maintain a harmonious workflow that minimises errors and maximises efficiency.

"When we first started Airbox, we were working completely manually and were just trying to get by. Mintsoft popped up when we first started looking for a warehouse management system. We were one of the early Mintsoft customers and were able to support each other’ businesses to grow."

As Airbox Fulfilment continues to flourish, their goal is to increase their order volumes to an impressive 200,000 orders per month, making them one of Mintsoft’s largest fulfilment clients. Mintsoft has been a reliable companion on this growth trajectory, as it’s scalability has provided Airbox with the tools they need to navigate expansion confidently, without compromising the efficiency and quality of their services. Together, we’re proving that growth doesn’t have to come at the expense of operational excellence.

Airbox have seen many benefits of using Mintsoft as their WMS and they include:

Empowered Workforce, Enhanced Service

Airbox Fulfilment recognises that technology is only as effective as the people who use it. Their dedication to staff training and development has resulted in an expert team that is fully proficient in utilising Mintsoft's capabilities. This commitment to continuous learning has not only increased staff retention but has also amplified the quality of service that Airbox offers to their clients.

Exploring New Horizons

A testament to their growth, Airbox Fulfilment have recently invested in a brand-new UK warehouse spanning an impressive 170,000 square feet. The increased space allows Airbox to handle larger inventory volumes efficiently with Mintsoft still taking care of the increased volume and operations.

"One of our warehouses has up to 5000 part locations, and Mintsoft gives us the tools to have a clear view of our inventory across all locations and helps us manage tasks such as picking and replenishment, smoothly and efficiently."

Harnessing Access Workspace

Airbox Fulfilment has not stopped at mastering Mintsoft; they've also become enthusiastic promoters of Access Workspace. This innovative platform complements their evolving needs, offering a range of functionalities that align seamlessly with their business goals. As Airbox continues to march forward, they plan to unlock even more potential within Access Workspace to further elevate their operations.

Using technology to excel

In an industry where speed, accuracy, and reliability are paramount, Airbox Fulfilment has emerged as a shining example of how a 3PL provider can leverage technology to excel. Their partnership with Mintsoft has not only facilitated their growth but has also enabled them to exceed client expectations consistently. As Airbox continues to expand and innovate, their commitment to operational excellence and dedication to enhancing customer service remain unwavering, setting a high standard for the logistics sector as a whole.

"It doesn't matter if you're sending out 5 or 10 orders a week or like us who are sending out thousands each day. It's allowed us to just keep on growing. It doesn't matter how many clients, how much stock, how many warehouses, the system is able to cater for that and still give us the same level of service."