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What are perishable goods? Storage and Transportation
In this article, we will explore the types of products that are considered perishable and non-perishable, how to store them, what considerations you need to make about their storage to ensure best practice, and how to transport them.
by Danielle Allen
Ecom Inv Mgmt Guide Block
Mintsoft Quarterly Update - January 2024
Our latest feature updates including new integrations and partnerships, along with development updates on the Mintsoft platform.
by Danielle Allen
Black Friday 2023 Blog Hero
Online retailers
Black Friday 2023 shows continued growth
Predictions were made prior to the weekend that anticipated a drop in interest and spend during 2023 – in this article, we’ll explore what those predictions were, and whether Mintsoft users experienced a decline in orders as expected, or continued to grow.
by Ian Hart
Social Selling Blog (1)
Online retailers
What is social selling?
In this article, we’ll explore what social selling is, the key benefits of using it to reach your consumers and examples of how social selling can be adopted via the individual social networks to build relationships.
by Danielle Allen
Reducing Waste Blog
Online Retailers
Reducing Plastic Packaging Waste in the Ecommerce and Fulfilment Industry
There is growing consumer concern around the impact of plastic packaging waste, and therefore many retailers and fulfilment partners are seeking ways to be more sustainable and reduce their own plastic waste produced throughout the fulfilment process.
by Ian Hart
Warehousing Trends Banner
Warehouse Management
Warehousing Trends of the Future
In this article, we will explore the five main warehouse trends expected to grow during 2024, including the adoption of technology such as robotics, wearable technology and AI.
by Danielle Allen
Ecom Fulfilment Partner Blog
Online retailers
How to be a Great Ecommerce Order Fulfilment Partner
To be a great ecommerce order fulfilment partner, you need to be able to meet your client's expectations, when it comes to keeping their customers happy. To help, we’ve put together 5 ways you can ensure you’re a great ecommerce fulfilment partner to your clients.
by Danielle Allen
Warehouse Tech Guide Block
Mintsoft Quarterly Update – October 2023
We intend for this update to provide you with information on the latest feature updates including new integrations and partnerships, along with development updates on the Mintsoft platform.
by Danielle Allen
Upgrade Warehouse Software
Warehouse Management
5 Signs it’s Time to Upgrade your Warehouse Software
Many warehouses rely on their systems and software to run efficiently – however, businesses can outgrow their systems, their processes can become inefficient and the software in place can even be more of a hindrance than a help, if it has limited capabilities.
Black Friday 2023 Blog
Online Retailers
Will There Be 2 Black Fridays?
In recent years, some retailers have begun to offer Black Friday deals earlier and earlier, and some have even started offering deals in multiple waves. And with the addition of payday being six days after Black Friday this year, this has led to some people wondering whether there will be two Black Fridays in 2023.
by Danielle Allen
Warehouse Robotics Banner
Warehouse Management
Are Warehouse Robotics the Future of Order Fulfilment?
Warehouse robotics is one of a few newer technologies generating a lot of interest within the eCommerce Order fulfilment space. As with most emerging technologies, the narrative around whether it’s a good thing or not changes depending on the motivation of the individual or organisation.
by Ian Hart
Warehouse Management
Ecommerce Warehousing
While many ecommerce businesses start from a spare room at home, it’s easy for retailers to quickly run out of space for stock as their order volumes grow. You may have already upgraded to a warehouse, but are you utilising it to its full potential?
by Danielle Allen
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