Mintsoft Quarterly Update – April 2024

By Danielle Allen
April Quarterly Update Banner

Welcome to the April 2024, Mintsoft Quarterly Update.


We’re dedicated to providing you with the latest Mintsoft feature updates including new integrations and platform developments; all undertaken to ensure you can remain competitive in the fast-paced world of ecommerce fulfillment and continue being able to use Mintsoft for your complete order fulfillment operations.


Development Update


We’re continually improving Mintsoft’s software functionality and are committed to sharing our product development plan, to highlight the updates we are currently working on, and that you can expect to see in the next few months.


The below development roadmap includes projects that we’re working on ‘Now’ within this quarter for Mintsoft:


Current development projects:

  • Continued work on creating our new and improved Android Mobile App
  • Experian Business Health Dashboard for Mintsoft
  • Allocation logic improvements
  • Workspace Analytics data feed optimisation to prevent running out of ‘compute and storage’ capacity
  • ‘Max Product Weight’ Limit changes to allow larger weights
  • Addition of warehouse filter to ‘recurring invoice item’ function
  • Update Shopify integration to latest API
  • Update to Amazon Shipping fields to include ‘Add Seller Name’


This plan focuses on the larger pieces of development and is in no way exhaustive.


We also release software updates every week with a host of improvements and bug fixes so please be sure to check the latest release notes on the support portal. During the last quarter, the following updates were completed; including:

  • Multiple bug fixes on the Mintsoft platform and it’s integrations
  • Improvements to inventory transfer function
  • Additional 3PL charging options for storage and picking, added to Carton & Pallets module
  • Royal Mail via Intersoft, UPS & DX integration updates
  • Updates to Unleashed API & data synchronisation
Danielle Allen
By Danielle Allen Digital Content Manager

Danielle is a content writer at Access Mintsoft with an abundance of experience in the new and emerging technologies sector. Dedicated to providing ecommerce retailers and 3PL’s informative and easy-to-understand content that engages and empowers readers to learn about all things ‘order fulfillment’.