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Multi-location management

1. Multi-warehouse management

Optimise your warehouse space across multiple warehouses using automated location management and advanced workflows including pallet support, stock counts and cycling.


Reduce admin overhead and streamline operations to reduce the overall cost, by managing your warehouse and each location at optimal efficiency.

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Inventory tracking

2. Inventory tracking

With a clear picture of inventory levels and their locations, you can achieve up to 100% order picking accuracy with Mintsoft.


Never over stock, or understock products again – by holding and tracking your stock in the Mintsoft platform, you will always be up-to-date with the inventory that you have in stock and know exactly when to replenish.


Completely remove the need to do manual stock takes, by having total visibility of the stock you hold within your warehouse or across various locations.

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Barcode Scanning

3. Mobile Barcode Scanning

Utilise the android mobile app to ensure your picking is as accurate as possible.


Every product has a barcode, so using the mobile app creates an audit trail and validation tool during the picking process. Send pick lists from the system to selected or all app users on the warehouse floor.


The app can also be used for booking in inbound deliveries, managing warehouse inventory and triggering shipping label printing once an order is picked.


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Mobile Barcode Scanning
Advanced automation

4. Advanced automation

Use customisable modules to further automate your warehouse processes.

Order rules allow you to automatically perform actions against orders as they’re imported based on field criteria; for example holding orders that need human validation, automatically selecting couriers based on geographical information, or routing orders to specific warehouse locations for processing.

Batch scheduling gives you the ability to automatically batch orders for processing, using multiple customisable templates and the time intervals that suit your warehouse operations.


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