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Connect your Mintsoft account with the Shopify integration, alongside other popular marketplaces for seamless multi-channel order and warehouse management. 

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Shopify WMS, OMS and inventory management with Mintsoft

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Shopify Order Management Software

Get a centralised view of your order management, for your Shopify orders - alongside your other sales channels if applicable, and process them for fulfillment; whether in your own warehouse or by a fulfillment partner such as a 3PL or Amazon FBA. Mintsoft will also transfer up-to-date order tracking details to Shopify and updates once an order has left the warehouse.

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Shopify Warehouse Management Software

Integrate Shopify orders to your warehouse management processes to ensure speedy and efficient fulfillment. Automatically import your orders from Shopify, create batches and send them for picking and despatch through the Mintsoft platform - capable of managing single and multiple warehouse locations.

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Shopify Inventory Management Software

By connecting your Shopify account to Mintsoft, you can take control of your inventory management for Shopify orders. With tools such as inventory sync to avoid overselling and automated stock allocation, fulfilling your Shopify orders has never been easier.

Seamless Shopify Integration with Mintsoft

The Shopify API integration with Mintsoft enables the smooth transfer of order data from your Shopify store, into Mintsoft to enable the seamless progression of orders through to despatch.

Synchronise stock

Synchronise stock across all platforms

Stock held within Mintsoft gets synced across all of your connected sales platforms, including Shopify. This drastically reduces the risk of stocking out or overselling by ensuring your sales channels accurately reflect the volume of stock you are holding in your warehouse.

Automated data flow

Automated data flow

No longer manually input or import orders from Shopify to be fulfilled. The Shopify integration with Mintsoft will automatically import orders as they’re placed, inventory will be allocated and the order will be ready for you to action the next steps of your fulfillment process such as picking and shipping.


Further automation can be added to streamline your order processing, such as data validation rules that approve orders and hold any that need human intervention, courier selection rules to create shipments with the appropriate carrier and order rules that can occur in an automated workflow.

Multi-location management

Multi-location order management

Manage your Shopify orders being fulfilled from a single or multiple warehouse locations with Mintsoft. Stock allocation and custom order rules can help you to route your orders to the most suitable warehouse for fulfillment. Additionally, if you outsource some fulfillment to third parties such as 3PLs or Amazon FBA, you can also send orders to be fulfilled and despatched on your behalf.

Accurate Forecasting

Accurate Forecasting

Utilise your Shopify sales data within Mintsoft to accurately forecast your inventory requirements, and warehouse staffing needs throughout the year, including peaks. Identify new trends in popular product lines and declining demand to ensure you don’t over or understock individual items.


Why you need a Shopify Integration

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Increased efficiency through automation

Automate order importing, creating shipments and order workflows through the Shopify API integration with Mintsoft, to save time and reduce manual workloads. Quickly and easily allocate stock for every order, and keep inventory levels accurate on your Shopify site, without rekeying data.

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Automate listing on multiple platforms

Take control of your product listings from within Mintsoft, saving you the time it takes to login to multiple sales channels and update product information such as pricing, imagery and descriptions. The multi-channel listings capabilities support Shopify alongside other popular marketplaces such as Amazon, TikTok and eBay.

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Informed decision-making

Get access to reporting and analytics on key warehouse productivity statistics such as order volumes, speed to despatch and stock overviews for your Shopify store and other marketplaces, as well as easily track overall business performance metrics. Having this data at your fingertips allows you to get an overview and drill-down into the finer details to make informed and quick decisions.

Mintsoft, A Shopify Partner

Mintsoft is a Partner App of Shopify, ensuring a smooth integration from your Shopify store or stores to the Mintsoft platform.

Shopify is the most used integration within Mintsoft, and by becoming a Shopify partner, our users can benefit from the seamless and instant data sync for orders and inventory levels.

You can find Mintsoft on the Shopify App store.

Increase Order Efficiencies With Mintsoft
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Multi-channel retailers require multiple API integrations and it’s important that your inventory and orders across other marketplaces are managed centrally to avoid stockouts and save time manually checking for orders. Mintsoft offer many other marketplace integrations for you to explore.

Courier Integrations

To complete the fulfillment process, Mintsoft also offer pre-built connections to a wide variety of UK and international shipping partners. If your shipping partner is not currently supported, the Courier API connector tool can help you build custom integrations.

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Shopify Integration FAQs

The Shopify API integration works with Mintsoft by installing the Mintsoft App from the Shopify App Store, and also adding the Shopify integration within your Mintsoft account. You will need to follow any login and prompt guidance provided and can customise the connection once they are connected.

Using a Shopify integration with Mintsoft enables retailers to transfer their Shopify store order data as they are placed, without manual intervention. Additionally, inventory level data in Mintsoft is instantly synced back to your Shopify store, ensuring you never oversell a product.

Mintsoft offers connections to both Amazon and Shopify separately, and Mintsoft will ensure inventory levels are reflected across both Amazon, Shopify and any other sales channels you use.

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