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Client management made easy

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Query management

If clients have any problems with orders, Mintsoft has an inbuilt customer service query tool to help smooth the process. The customer service query system is available to manage problems with orders, inventory and anything else that may arise in the fulfilment process.

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Filter, search and view order history

3PLs can apply client-level filters so that all areas of the system show information for just that client. If you need to find information from an old order, you can simply search and retrieve historical information when required.

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Order visibility

See all order data for all clients in one central place - no need to login to any other external system. Mintsoft connects directly to all order sources.

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Client specific courier accounts

Easily allow your customers to use their own courier accounts alongside your own using our 80+ courier and multi-courier integrations.

A powerful platform - for you, and your clients 

Designed to cut down your admin overheads, Mintsoft allows you to issue varying levels of real-time access and reporting to unlimited client users.

Clients will have access to order progress information, with features available to interact with at their fingertips - without the need to contact you. Through the platform, clients can also:

  • Add additional orders and products
  • Run reports and view their invoices
  • Edit orders
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Hassle free reporting

Customisable reporting is available for inventory, sales and returns - both on demand and by use of the automatic report scheduler feature. 

Automated reports can be set up and sent every day, week or month - as well as the ability for critical alert notifications to be sent for out of stock, low stock and general stock movements.

Customisable brand management 

  • White label option 

We can provide a premium option of a company branded portal - allowing  you to reinforce your brand. Your own logo, colour scheme and URL is provided as well as branded email notifications sent from the system to your clients.

  • Client level branding 

Clients can also customise and brand their own paperwork - invoices / despatch notes can all include their own logos and messages. Additional despatch email alerts can be set up and branded to your clients needs.

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Take control of financials

Instantly send your clients calculated invoice data to your accounting software of choice with a click of a button using Mintsoft’s accountancy API integrations. 

This process virtually eliminates any re-keying of manual accounts data at any stage of the process, improving efficiency by removing the risk of duplicated data entry and by having easy access to information from a centralised location.

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Automated kitting capabilities

Mintsoft has the ability to pick multiple products and build a kit out of specified components, as well as allocate component stock immediately in bulk.

Costing for clients is made simple with the ability to track the build costs of kits. 

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Straightforward 3PL invoicing and accounting

Mintsoft provides clear and transparent client invoicing when it comes to charging for fulfilment costs and the associated areas within this. Improve efficiency by removing the risk of duplicated data entry.

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Simplified shipping costs

Probably the most time consuming aspects of manual 3PL invoicing is billing for shipping costs. With Minsoft, shipping costs are all handled instantly and automatically, saving you time and reducing errors.

Pricing can be set up per client, based on country, zone or postcode or the weight and dimensions of the package using either a straightforward ‘per parcel’ calculation.

Unrestrictive Charges Icon

Unrestrictive pick and pack charging models

Mintsoft offers a variety of picking models to choose from when billing clients :

•1st and additional item
•% of revenue
•Per order line
•Miscellaneous and adhoc charges
•and many more

You can also bill per unit, carton or pallet pick and each client will have their own rate table, making it easier to manage.

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Hassle free storage charges

Multiple charging methods are available for automatically calculating storage costs for clients based on different aspects, such as:

•Stock management fees
•Location based charging

All are designed to maximise storage revenue for the client billing period.


Additional Features

✓ Picking costs for item

✓ Picking costs for order

✓ Picking costs for SKU

✓ Picking costs for units

✓ Picking costs for carton

✓ Picking cost PCM

✓ Picking costs for pallet

✓ Packaging charges


Additional Features

✓ Channel tier pricing - charging differently for Wholesale or Web Customers for example

✓ Courier pricing - per KG

✓ Courier variable uplift pricing

✓ Storage charges PCM

✓ Storage charges by pallet unit

✓ Storage charges - fixed rate

✓ Storage charges per unit

✓ Storgae charges by location type


Additional Features

✓ Highest point location type charging

✓ Additional invoice charges

✓ Recurring billing items (automatic daily/weekly/monthly charges)

✓ Miscellaneous or Ad-Hoc charges

✓ Rework charges

✓ Kitting charges

✓ Goods in charging

✓ Charging in client's currency


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Third-party logistics is the process of outsourcing your logistic processes to help with E-commerce fulfilment. Many online retailers are looking to do this as it eliminates the strain of fulfilling orders at scale because a 3PL partner will take care of time-consuming processes such as inventory management, warehousing, and fulfilment. This type of service is not only more cost effective than doing your own logistics, but allows online retailers to save time, allowing them to focus on other areas of their business and most of the time, is more cost effective too. Read all our 3PL blog posts here for more info.

Simply put, online retailers invest in a 3PL partner to take control of their operational logistics – essentially adding an extra layer to your supply chain. Using a 3PL service has benefits, such as removing the need to have a facility to store your products and pay employees to run that facility because orders are processed and sent directly from their warehouse. Of course, having a 3PL does come with a price and costs associated with a 3PL partner will depend on which services you opt for – normally consisting of a choice and/or combination of storage, picking, packaging and delivery.

3PLs offer a large source of support for small-medium sized businesses when it comes to supply chain management. Partnering with a 3PL not only offers an extra layer of support, but mitigates risks and removes errors too. When unforeseen circumstances pop up, such as shipping delays or inaccurate orders, a 3PL is responsible for making alternate arrangements to fulfil your orders as quickly as possible. You’ll also be protected in the event of damage or loss of goods – which is a great piece of mind for smaller businesses.

The main difference between a 3PL and 4PL logistics is the level of involvement they offer. 3PL partners are better suited to small-medium sized businesses, whilst medium-large sized businesses will benefit more from partnering with a 4PL. This is because 4PLs manage and control all activities within the supply chain network, whilst 3PLs focus more specifically on logistics operations.

In addition to saving time and money and reducing strain, using a 3PL provider offers lots of advantages. Most online retail businesses experience fluctuations in demand throughout the year. Using a 3PL will ensure you have the support you need when you hit a peak – either expected or unexpected. Using a 3PL will also help you to provide an enhanced customers customer experience as when it comes to fast and accurate deliveries. This is because relying on a logistics provider means your shipping needs are taken care of, and 3PLs often have access to a large network of couriers, so you’re not limited by courier choice.

Every E-commerce business is unique, and therefore so are the logistical needs of each. Whilst some online retailers might only need support with fulfilment, others may need support across the whole process; from a customer placing the order, right through to the order being shipped. So, make sure you do some research into what services a particular 3PL offers before committing to them. Opting for a 3PL which has invested in technology to provide automated processes can have many benefits for online retailers – including enhanced customer experience. Mintsoft gives 3PLs real-time visibility and traceability of their client’s inventory.

3PL warehouse managers often provide a wider range of services than just logistics, such as warehousing and inventory management. The advantages of using 3PLs over doing logistics in-house include cheaper rates, better customer service, more reliable deliveries, the ability to serve international markets, and increased efficiencies.

3PLs are used by different companies who want to move their inventory. Some of the companies that use 3PL are Amazon, Coca-Cola, Nestle, etc. Using a software solution is essentially mandatory these days, especially where multiple clients are involved and customer satisfaction must be maintained.

The fulfilment services can be either inbound, where orders are dropped off by customers, or outbound, where orders are picked up by customers from the warehouse. Goods are often stored in a storage facility where it is easy to find products efficiently.

A business that is interested in using 3PL services should have a good understanding of its current business model and what benefits the company will receive from utilizing this new process. 3PLs are the perfect solution to load volume for companies that are experiencing high volumes of customer orders.

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