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Scale your business with a 3PL WMS system

Mintsoft’s cloud-based 3PL management software is designed with the needs of growing 3PLs in mind. Our warehouse management software for 3PLs automates time-consuming processes from shipping to storage, meaning third party logistics operators will see their business transformed and costly errors reduced.



Powerful 3PL warehouse management software
for you & your clients

Designed to cut down your admin overheads, Mintsoft's 3PL WMS allows you to work seamlessly with your customers from one shared platform.


Transform your client relationships with transparency of order progress and inventory levels, with a 3PL warehouse software built specifically for the order fulfillment industry.


Manage client data

Manage client data

Centralise your essential client information in Mintsoft. You can:

  • Manage client data and chargeable rates
  • Manage inventory held per client
  • Send notifications to clients
  • Manage client queries
  • Create client logins for the customer portal

Additionally, you have total control over how much your customers can see or do, via their own portal access.

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Client billing

Client billing

For accurate and maximised 3PL invoicing, raise your client invoices based on activities you've completed within Mintsoft; including:

  • Storage costs
  • Handling costs
  • Fulfillment costs
  • Shipping costs
Accounting Systems
Give your clients access

Give your clients access

Let’s take a look at what your customers could do, should you give the permissions:

  • Connect their sales channels via API
  • Import manual orders
  • Manage their own product details
  • View inventory levels in your warehouse and order progress
  • Create their own scheduled reports
  • Raise ASNs and queries
  • View their account information and invoices
Order Management
White-labelled portal

White-labelled portal

Our 3PL system offers customisable brand management.

Personalise your customer portal to be in line with your brand, using your brand logo and colours.

  • Design your own portal
  • Have a custom URL
  • Host from your own website domain
  • Remove advertisements from Mintsoft


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Key 3PL WMS system features:

Alongside excellent client management tools, Mintsoft contains the essential 3PL WMS features for inventory and warehouse management, to have total visibility of the stock you hold for your clients and to achieve accurate order picking and despatch.

Multi-site management

Multi-warehouse management

Take control of stock locations and capacity with dedicated location management features supporting one or multiple warehouses.


The Mintsoft 3PL WMS consolidates inventory across all of your warehouse locations from one screen.


Get full visibility of your client's stock across all locations, which can be filtered at warehouse location, product or client level.

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Mobile picking app

Mobile picking app

The Mintsoft android mobile app supports all warehouse floor activity including:

  • goods in
  • order picking with voice guidance if required
  • stock transfers
  • processing returns

All with barcode scanning capabilities for speed and accuracy, ensuring maximum profitability when servicing your clients.

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Stock control

Stock control

Get quick and easy to understand stock level information using the traffic light system within Mintsoft.


Alongside low stock notifications sent to your clients, you can ensure stock levels are replenished by your customers in a timely manner to avoid out of stock situations.


Mintsoft also supports stock control methods such as FIFO and FEFO for specialist inventory types such as perishable goods, by recording stock attributes for traceability and compliance.

Stay connected

Stay connected

Connect your operations with 150+ pre-built integrations, including ecommerce sales channels, couriers, CRM and accounting software.


Integrate with your customers sales channels via the customer portal, so you receive orders as they're placed.


Mintsoft also supports multiple connections to the same courier, for different clients - you can either use your client’s courier accounts, or consolidate by using your own accounts and re-charging back to your customers.


3PL software FAQs

Get in touch today if you have more questions about our 3PL solution and features.

3PL software is a system or solution used by 3rd party logistics companies. 3PL management systems are used to manage the entire 3rd party logistics process, including sales, marketing, operations, fulfilment and finance. 3PLs are focused on providing their clients with an efficient logistics solution and 3PL software allows them to automate and streamline their operations, leading to faster fulfilment times and greater efficiency.

3PL warehouse management systems are used by 3PL logistics providers to effectively manage the complex nature of warehouse operations and fulfilling orders on behalf of clients. 3PL management systems allow for a complete overview of the warehouse, inventory and courier relationships from one easy-to-use, centralised platform that can be seamlessly scaled and integrated with the majority of shopping platforms. An effective system will benefit both the 3PL and client by ensuring accurate data and provide insights to help inform commercial decisions.

3PLs are used by different companies who want to move their inventory. Some of the companies that use 3PL are Amazon, Coca-Cola, Nestle, etc. Using a software solution is essentially mandatory these days, especially where multiple clients are involved and customer satisfaction must be maintained.

The cost of 3PL software varies between providers and is contingent on a number of factors based on your business' specific requirements, including; the features you require, how many clients you have and how many orders you process.

For more information, please read our 3PL software cost guide.

The key features of a 3PL management system are features that enable you to support your clients in fulfilling ecommerce orders, in a way that meets the end consumers demands. This includes tools for client management such as a customer portal to view their inventory and order progress, as well as inventory and warehouse management tools to ensure your warehouse processes are as efficient and accurate as possible.

3PL management involves the management of a 3PL's own clients, their inventory, fulfillment processes and consumer requirements. It also includes the management of the 3PL's own warehouse or multiple warehouses and the processes within them, that support ecommerce fulfillment.

Yes, Mintsoft has a built-in 3PL invoicing and billing function. It offers you the ability to raise 3PL invoices based on activities tracked and performed within Mintsoft on behalf of your clients. It will generate invoices based on the rates you have set per client, including storage, handling, fulfillment and shipping costs.

Third-party logistics (3PL) is the process of outsourcing your logistic processes to help with E-commerce fulfilment. Many online retailers are looking to do this as it eliminates the strain of fulfilling orders at scale because a 3PL partner will take care of time-consuming processes such as inventory management, warehousing, and fulfilment. This type of service is not only more cost effective than doing your own logistics, but allows online retailers to save time, allowing them to focus on other areas of their business and most of the time, is more cost effective too.

3PLs offer a large source of support for small-medium sized businesses when it comes to supply chain management. Partnering with a 3PL not only offers an extra layer of support, but mitigates risks and removes errors too. When unforeseen circumstances pop up, such as shipping delays or inaccurate orders, a 3PL is responsible for making alternate arrangements to fulfil your orders as quickly as possible. You’ll also be protected in the event of damage or loss of goods – which is a great piece of mind for smaller businesses.

Every E-commerce business is unique, and therefore so are the logistical needs of each. Whilst some online retailers might only need support with fulfilment, others may need support across the whole process; from a customer placing the order, right through to the order being shipped. So, make sure you do some research into what services a particular 3PL offers before committing to them. Opting for a 3PL which has invested in technology to provide automated processes can have many benefits for online retailers – including enhanced customer experience. Mintsoft gives 3PLs real-time visibility and traceability of their client’s inventory.

3PL warehouse managers often provide a wider range of services than just logistics, such as warehouse management software and inventory management. The advantages of using 3PLs over doing logistics in-house include cheaper rates, better customer service, more reliable deliveries, the ability to serve international markets, and increased efficiencies.

A business that is interested in using 3PL services should have a good understanding of its current business model and what benefits the company will receive from utilising this new process. 3PLs are the perfect solution to load volume for companies that are experiencing high volumes of customer orders.

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