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The Guide to Tech-Enabled Fulfilment for 3PLs

73% of 3PL users, and 90% of 3PLs agree they need new and innovative ways to improve logistics effectiveness. The good news is fulfilment technology has entered an exciting phase.

Fulfilment technology is now quicker to implement, more straightforward to manage, and easier to scale than those of the past - technology is becoming a differentiating factor. In this guide, we look at the thoughtful application of technology to help re-engineer 3PL fulfilment operations.

This guide will cover:

  • Being ‘just a warehouse’ is no longer enough
  • What online retailers need from today’s 3PL provider
  • The role of technology as a differentiating factor
  • How technology simplifies and streamlines operations
  • What does the future look like for 3PLs?
  • How Mintsoft can help