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Multi-channel orders

1. Manage multi-channel orders

Look after all of your sales channels from one centralised platform, for easy multi-channel order management.


With over 60 pre-built online shopping integrations, including popular ecommerce channels such as TikTok, eBay, Amazon, Shopify and WooCommerce, you’ll never need to login to individual platforms again.


Order management software

Inventory control

2. Ecommerce inventory control

Never oversell items again – by holding and tracking your stock in the Mintsoft platform, your sales channels remain up-to-date in real-time based on the inventory you have in stock.


Completely remove the need to do manual stock takes, by having total visibility of the stock you hold within your warehouse or across various locations.

Mobile Barcode Scanning
Shipping Management

3. Shipping Management

Utilise the 89+ out-of-the-box integrations to popular couriers and multi-carriers, and setup your preferred rates.


For any courier connections not pre-built, our courier API connector enables any custom integration to be created.


Automatically update orders and your customers with their shipment tracking information, with no manual intervention.


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Advanced automation

4. Advanced automation

Use customisable modules to further automate your order fulfillment processes.


Order rules allow you to automatically perform actions against orders as they’re imported based on field criteria; for example holding orders that need human validation, automatically selecting couriers based on geographical information, or routing orders to specific warehouse locations for fulfillment.


Batch scheduling gives you the ability to automatically batch orders for processing, based on the custom templates and time intervals that you set.


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