Mintsoft and Haul And Store

How Mintsoft supported a family-run E-commerce fulfilment business as they grew their business

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Who are Haul And Store?

Haul and Store is a family-run e-commerce fulfilment business that has grown organically since being established in 2015.

The current team of 40 help to empower e-commerce businesses in several industries by providing a client focused, scalable, and cost-effective fulfilment service. 

Mintsoft has allowed us to bring on more clients and scale our business at the rate we needed.

The challenge


Since transitioning from a pallet storage solution to an end-to-end E-commerce fulfilment solution, the team at Haul and Store has taken on a second warehouse. As a result, they identified a need to be able to process more orders, without increasing staff count.


To be able to do this they needed an order management system which was able to integrate with the various channels and services they currently used to power their business. They needed a solution which would allow them to cut down the need for manual work by automating time consuming tasks and allow their data and information from different systems to work together. Mintsoft allows 3PLs and warehouses to manage marketplaces, inventory and warehousing systems, accounting systems, courier platforms and shopping carts from one centralised platform, meaning data sharing is more streamlined.

There were a lot of features that attracted us to Mintsoft, but the main draw for us was the amount of shopping cart integrations that the system works with. It was a strong and impressive portfolio in comparison to the other systems we’ve previously used or were looking at implementing.

Implementing Mintsoft has allowed Haul and Store to take on more clients and create enough demand to move into a second warehouse. This couldn’t have been done if the team continued to use the previous systems they relied on, as through automation, Mintsoft removed the need to rely on manual work to get tasks done. The order management system also provided the ability to make more informed and calculated decisions by providing a full overview of their warehouse, inventory and courier relationships from an easy-to-use platform.





Solution and results

Haul and Store currently processes around 30,000 orders a month on behalf of their portfolio of 100+ clients.

Ultimately, other systems out there can help to process orders, but how you go about doing it, and the speed you could do it at is what we were focused finding a solution for, and Mintsoft has helped us out massively. Implementing Mintsoft has not only allowed us to take on more clients and create enough demand to move into our second warehouse, but continues to support us as we grow as a business.

Favourite Features of Mintsoft

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Automation of manual tasks

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3PL billing capabilities

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