Mintsoft and CBF Group

How Mintsoft supported a Print Management business as they added Ecommerce fulfilment to their offerings.

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What our customers say 

Mintsoft has been indefinitely scalable for us, and we are very happy.

Lawson Willett, Managing Director at CBF Group


Established in 1986, the CBF Group is one of the UK’s longest established Print Management companies, and have more recently expanded into offering storage and E-commerce fulfilment services for their clients.


This transition was as a result of CBF’s larger clients requesting storage and fulfilment services, with support specifically needed when it came to managing multiple sales channels.


Mintsoft has supported CBF and their operations for the past 5 years, and the capabilities of the system has helped them to scale up and win new business over the years.

Using Mintsoft helps to win us new business. The brand itself is a selling point for us – we’ve had enquiries based on the fact we use Mintsoft as our third party software provider.

The Challenge

CBF simply didn’t have the software needed to support their transition into E-commerce fulfilment, and as a result were looking to implement an order management system.

We found ourselves with a lack of inventory management software, and a warehouse full of client’s stock. A need for integration was coming up a lot – and Mintsoft seemed like the perfect solution for us. Not only was it going to help us with our E-commerce fulfilment offering, but the sheer amount of integrations was a great selling point for us – and for our customers as well.


Another thing that attracted us to Mintsoft was the user-friendly interface and ability for the customer to sign in, as well as the ease and transparency offered to our clients through the platform.

Our customers are still amazed by the fact they can log in and see their inventory, job work flows and have the ability to communicate with the picking teams. This is particularly important should there be an order with specific rules or packing requirements – it works well for us.

The solution and results:

Mintsoft how allowed CBF to grow at a rate in which they needed to, whilst supporting existing clients and onboarding new ones along the way.

As we grow, we need to be more adaptive with our roles and Mintsoft makes this easier to do. One client alone sends out more than 20,000 orders a month and Mintsoft offers a stable base for us to be able to manage our orders, and scale up as needed.

Due to its flexibility and many features and solutions, Mintsoft also allows CBF to control of their overheads and tailor their fulfilment processes to their client’s needs. As a result, they can offer fulfilment solutions that are unique to their customer’s needs and work with them on a case-by-case basis to ensure they work within their budgets.

From gift suppliers, through to cosmetics goods companies and alcohol manufacturers and wholesalers, CBF are able to adapt to serve any type of industry.

Favourite features of Mintsoft 

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Choice of pre-built integrations

"Mintsoft regularly updates their integrations, as well as regularly release new ones. Having API integrations that are automatically updated is mission critical to us, so we're very thankful for this."

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Kit building module

"The kit building feature allows us to serve our subscription based clients as it makes it possible to select specified components and quickly allocate component stock immediately in bulk."

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