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Global E-commerce Experts and Mintsoft

About Global E-commerce Experts

Global E-commerce Experts is a multi-faceted consultancy, founded in 2017, which helps grows overseas sellers from outside the EU, into the EU or globally.

Global E-Commerce Experts support businesses who are outside of the region to bring their goods and services into the region. They do this by handling product and tax compliance, ecommerce inventory management, shipping, customs clearance, warehouse fulfilment, supply chain management in eCommerce, or more.

Mintsoft supports UK and EU expansion for Global E-commerce clients

Global E-commerce Experts have two warehouses that they use to support their clients, one in Southampton and another in Amsterdam. Brexit caused a significant change as goods now have to be split between the UK and the EU. Global E-commerce choose the Netherlands because the shipping and customs procedures are the least complicated and that allows free access across Europe.

As Global E-commerce Experts is an expansion business, designed to remove the barriers of trade for overseas sellers, their need for Mintsoft has grown, as they required a software that would enable their sellers to grow.

"Each of the features that Mintsoft has, Global E-commerce relays to our clients as functions and features of our own business."

Global Ecommerce had used other order management software which had the capacity to manage fulfillment avenues and funnel carriers, however it didn't have any capacity to manage the stock itself and it didn't offer any customisation such as being able to manage workflows or multiple carriers.

"Since we moved to Europe, our requirement for Mintsoft grew, as final mile carriers are a completely different landscape there, and we needed software to be able keep up in both the UK and Europe."

The team at Global E-commerce use Mintsoft in every aspect, from as simple as pushing orders and creating batches, to uploading product templates, getting information about products and booking couriers. They benefit from the user-friendly interfaces and the adaptability of user account permissions, especially during peak season with temporary staff in the warehouses.

In addition, Global Ecommerce use Access Workspace for the analytics function and the KPI dashboard.

"Workspace gives us a much higher degree of control over our KPIs than we ever had before because that data simply wasn't available to us. We can also understand if we are truly efficient and most importantly, we can understand, by product and by client, whether or not we're profitable enough."

The recent addition of the Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) module to Mintsoft has further benefitted Global E-commerce and their clients, When used in conjunction with order rules. Riki said, that with different time zones, it can be difficult to ensure you don’t stock out – when using the FBA module and order rules, we can automatically replenish stock when it runs low, which means our clients, using our software have one less headache and worry.

"It allows us to give clients their own specific order rules. Very specifically, to automate Amazon FBA orders which were previously manually input into the system. The decrease in administration time, both from the client's perspective, as well as ours is quite dramatic."

Mintsoft’s Premier Success Plan

Global E-commerce is a people-led business, but the software they use is at the heart of their business and is the engine that runs what they do; which is why they added a Premier Success Plan to Mintsoft.

"By adding in a premier success plan, we got access to a key member of staff within Mintsoft who really transformed our relationship and capacity. Rather than working with the software as a function of the business; it's become integral to the decisions that we make our strategic direction."

Mintsoft and Global E-commerce Experts work together in both directions, Global E-commerce is able to gain an understanding of where Mintsoft is moving and how that might affect them, and likewise, they’re able to feedback and discuss the ideas they have with their Customer Success Manager to understand whether they could be catered for within the software.

"I'd recommend Mintsoft to any business that was sending out goods, B2B or B2C, in conjunction with a premier success plan. That's what gives a partnership of trade and the capacity to grow using the product rather than a tool that's in your toolbox."