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This 3PL management system case study shows how Mintsoft has helped Allegro Logistics support their ecommerce clients with order fulfillment.

Who are Allegro Logistics?

Allegro Logistics is a family-run ecommerce fulfillment business, founded in 2014. They began operating as a transport company making same-day and next-day deliveries on behalf of their customers. After a couple of years, Allegro onboarded their first ecommerce customer and were fulfilling small volumes of orders each day.

Allegro grew their ecommerce fulfillment business over the next 8 years and are now operating from 2 warehouses in the South West of England, UK; one warehouse is focused on the fulfillment of large items and point of sale and the other is a bespoke ecommerce warehouse with 20,000 pick locations, dedicated to fulfilling high volumes of fast moving smaller items.

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Finding the right warehouse management software

As their ecommerce fulfillment operations began to grow, Allegro identified that they needed a software system to replace their labour-intensive system of spreadsheets.


Through a google search for warehouse management software, Allegro found Mintsoft - prior to its acquisition by The Access Group. With a clear view of what they’d like from their warehouse software, they concluded that Mintsoft was a good fit as it offered a family-business feel similar to their own, alongside a core focus of ensuring they had transparency and communication with their 3PL fulfillment clients.


As they were using spreadsheets to manage inventory and orders to fulfill, implementing Mintsoft was straightforward for Allegro and they quickly began to see the benefits of using a software that could handle the day-to-day operations.


As order volumes have grown, Allegro have been able to utilise tools within Mintsoft to further simplify their operations, such as the Batch Scheduler module.


Previously, Allegro’s team would be tasked with manually batching orders for fulfillment every morning and maintaining a standardised process across two warehouses was a challenge. With the batch scheduling tool, they have an efficient process in place that is consistent and automated, saving their team countless hours every day.


A 3PL software you can rely on


With continued growth year-on-year, Allegro are confident that Mintsoft is a system they can rely on to continue to support their internal processes and their ecommerce clients. They’re able to trust that Mintsoft will run their business, take away the need for manual processes and uniform how they operate across two sites.


Transparency for 3PL clients


Maintaining excellent communication and complete visibility with their customers is a core part of Allegro’s 3PL offering, and they endevour to keep their doors open to their clients by sharing as much data as they can.


Mintsoft’s 3PL client portal allows Allegro’s customers to view real-time data on order progress and inventory, create their own reporting and self-serve some of the queries they’d typically need to call or email about.

“The client portal is a real game-changer, as it saves us time by allowing customers to answer their own queries and handle some of their own account management.” - Marcus Gater - Managing Director - Allegro Logistics

Premier Success Plan with Mintsoft


Allegro utilise the Premier Customer Success Plan offered by Mintsoft and benefit from the straightforward process of receiving support. The success plan offers clear SLAs for any support queries they have, as well as providing direct contact with a Customer Success Manager and Account Manager for additional assistance, which can be useful to any fast-paced growing business in ecommerce.

“The Premier Success Plan gives us the confidence to operate in a fast-moving industry, knowing that if we experience any issues or need help, someone will be there to support us and find a solution quickly.”

Making use of The Access Group’s growing tech stack


In addition to using Access Mintsoft, Allegro recently began using another Access Group software – Access CRM – in one of their sister companies. This enables Allegro to generate more new business and retain their customers for longer to grow their sales.


Allegro Logistics continue to be ambitious with their growth plans, onboarding new ecommerce clients and are hoping to bring their operations under one roof, with their own purpose-built facility.

“Mintsoft is great for warehouses handling lots of fast moving goods, and has all of the key connections to sales channels and carriers, that you need.” Marcus Gater – Managing Director – Allegro Logistics

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