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Mintsoft and TBM Solution

This warehouse management system case study shows how Mintsoft helps TBM Solution to manage their 3PL fulfilment operations in Ireland and the UK.

Who are TBM Solution?

TBM Solution are a third-party logistics provider supporting businesses with their global order fulfilment. TBM’s co-founders began their fulfilment business in 2011, and in 2017, formed TBM Solution – named TBM to stand for ‘Total Brand Management’.

TBM Solution have their own warehouse space across 2 sites in Ireland and the UK and also partner with companies worldwide, providing 14 warehouse locations across the globe to unlock worldwide fulfilment opportunities for their clients.

The Challenge

Previously, TBM Solution had an existing warehouse management system in place, which required a large amount of technical know-how and strong knowledge of the system to use to its full potential. While it was useful for processing orders and running reports, it proved difficult to train new staff how to use it and to scale their business.

Their search for a new system brought them to Mintsoft because it is user friendly and interactive to use.

During implementation, TBM Solution migrated their existing system over to Mintsoft and were supported to do that via a 6-phase training and onboarding process with a dedicated contact. In each phase, the training focused on separate parts of the system, enabling them to ask questions to ensure a deep understanding of the software’s capabilities and how to set up to their own requirements.

“When moving your whole business onto another system, including our whole warehouse and having to educate our clients, it isn’t a simple task. The onboarding process was very comprehensive and we had a dedicated contact person for the whole process.”

Conor Muscroft - Business Development Executive TBM Solution

How Mintsoft has helped

Since implementing Mintsoft, Conor discussed how his role as Account Manager has benefitted from the usability of the system; “Everything that we can do, our clients can do too – bar picking and packing the orders. It’s very useful for me to be able to train my clients and give them the tools to manage their own business.”

Conor went on to say that in his experience, sometimes clients have concerns about losing control of their business when they outsource their fulfilment; however with TBM and Mintsoft, they still have full control and visibility.

“If you’re a business looking to outsource your fulfilment, I would recommend looking at potential 3PL’s that use Mintsoft.”

Additionally, Conor said his favourite feature of Mintsoft is the dashboards. “They provide a clear overview for TBM and their clients. With the dashboards, everyone has visibility of orders, inbound deliveries, and can run reports to see daily/weekly/monthly orders processed, the number of items on each order, their best-selling SKUs, as well as any issues.”

Furthermore, Mintsoft automatically separates out the orders with data validation issues, enabling clients to quickly identify them so that addresses or contact information which require attention can be rectified.

What’s next for TBM Solution? 

TBM Solution have recently secured a warehouse in the USA and will soon be launching that to their clients. Conor added that “TBM will be able to offer clients access to that new market, alongside Ireland and the UK. The plan is to use Mintsoft for clients to be able to manage orders and stock across all 3 regions.”

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