Happy Flow Logistics

This 3PL management system case study shows how Mintsoft helped Swedish 3PL, Happy Flow Logistics to offer order fulfillment to young ecommerce brands.

Who are Happy Flow Logistics?

Happy Flow Logistics are a third-party logistics (3PL) provider in Sweden. They partner with young brands with great business and product ideas to support them to grow their business effectively, while handling their order fulfillment.

Originally founded as a consultancy firm in 2022, Happy Flow Logistics were helping clients with logistics, procurement and management; however, when they began to offer warehousing and distribution services, they required a warehouse software that could cater to the bespoke services they were offering to their clients.

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Finding the right warehouse software

During a short work trip to England, Co-Founder, Kaspar discovered Mintsoft. The software available in Sweden is dependent on having an IT Consultant that is able to customise a warehouse system which comes with additional lead time and cost. Whereas Mintsoft offered a solution with the core features and the flexibility that Happy Flow Logistics needed.


Overcoming their warehouse challenges with Mintsoft


Due to the broad service offered to their clients, Happy Flow Logistics have unique requirements for their warehouse software. When implementing Mintsoft, they were able to digitalise their warehouse processes to ensure they get maximum efficiency for all of their clients. Mintsoft has helped them with the following:

  • Building their warehouse maps
  • Building warehouse workflows per client
  • Automating picking lists and documentation
  • Managing procurement from clients’ suppliers
  • Creating reports for internal use and for clients
  • Tracking warehouse activities for accurate client invoicing

“When invoicing our customers, we have great transparency as we track everything we do, what the cost is - it’s super easy and minimises queries.”

Kaspar Hannerz – Co-Founder – Happy Flow Logistics

White-labeling Mintsoft’s client portal


Shortly after adopting Mintsoft in 2022, Happy Flow Logistics chose to add-on the White Label option for their client portal.


By customising the client portal with their own branding, and hosting the portal from their own website domain, Happy Flow Logistics are able to offer their clients a quick and easy journey to viewing inventory, order and invoicing information, while also adding an extra element of trust.


Scaling with Mintsoft


Happy Flow Logistics are building their client base and as they continue to expand, they’ll require additional team members to ensure they can continue to offer their clients the same level of close cooperation, flexibility to help them overcome barriers and ultimately enable them to grow. Mintsoft’s scalability means as client numbers and order volumes grow, Happy Flow Logistics have the right system in place to expand without needing to switch software providers.

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