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1x Mobile Scanner

£25 /month

  • Mobile Picking
  • Stock Transfers
  • Inbound Putaway
  • Inventory Adjustments
  • Mobile Label Printing

Mobile Scanning App Pricing FAQ

How much does the Mintsoft platform cost?

We have 4 tiers of plans, depending on your business size and needs. Our pricing plans also offer custom pricing packages if your requirements exceed the features offered by the maximum tier. 

What is the pricing for online retailers?

We have 4 tiers of plans, depending on your business size, and all of our pricing plans for multi-channel retailers can be found here. If your requirements exceed the features offered by the maximum tier, we offer custom pricing packages to suit your business needs as well. 

What systems does Mintsoft integrate with?

Access Mintsoft allows you to seamlessly integrate with over 150 sales channels. Marketplace, accountancy, warehouse management software, inventory, shipping and shopping cart integrations are all featured as standard when you use Mintsoft to power your order management processes. Explore our integrations.

What if we have more clients & process more orders than the maximum pricing tier?

Mintsoft has the capability to scale up as you do! Contact us to agree a custom pricing package to suit your volumes.

Is there a setup cost?

In almost 99% of accounts, there is absolutely no setup cost involved at all.

However should you require additional integrations that we do not support or need an existing integration modified then this would involve a setup cost.

Email [email protected] and we can confirm if your account will require a setup cost.

Can we see a free demo of the system before we try?


We have a video tour which explores the user-friendly dashboard and main features offered by Access Mintsoft. 

Alternatively, drop us a line at [email protected] to arrange a free 1-1 personalised demo showcasing the system features and to answer all the questions you have! 

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