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Looking for a Linnworks Alternative? Try Mintsoft

Centralise your order, inventory and warehouse management with productivity solutions like mobile barcode scanning and multi-location warehouse management. 

The Linnworks Alternative that can scale with you

Increase productivity and reduce errors

Streamline your warehouse operations with automated processes, to reduce packing errors and customer returns

Stay connected with 150+ integrations

Connect to all of your ecommerce sales channels, marketplaces and shipping partners with ease

Pricing for scaling businesses

Pay monthly, based on order volumes and scale up your system as your order volumes and profitability grows

Always despatch on time and in full

Use intelligent workflows to ensure orders are prioritised and processed for shipping in a timely and cost-effective manner

What others are saying about Mintsoft

Mintsoft vs Linnworks: Features Comparison

See how Mintsoft features compare as an alternative to Linnworks.

Inventory Management
Order Management
Shipping Management
Warehouse Management
Mobile App
Amazon FBA
B2B Orders
Barcode Scanning
Multi-channel Listings
Ecommerce Integrations
Shipping Integrations
Accounting Integrations
CRM Integrations

As displayed in the comparison above, Mintsoft can offer a great alternative to Linnworks as it has all of the same core system features as Linnworks, as well as an Android mobile app which supports mobile barcode scanning, voice-assisted picking and stock movements while on the warehouse floor.

Warehouse management

Mintsoft can enable you to speed up your warehouse with advanced automation modules and workflows, location management, multi-warehouse management, inventory tracking and stock control, all of which can help reduce overhead costs and errors due to manual processes. 

Extend your tech stack

Using Mintsoft as your order management system also gives you easy access to the tech stack offered by The Access Group – Mintsoft’s proprietary owners. The Access Group has other software solutions that could be helpful, for example, finance and accounting software, HR software and compliance software.

Compare ratings

External review sites such as Trustpilot show that Mintsoft could be the Linnworks alternative you’re looking for, due to their Trustpilot scores. Linnworks currently has a score of 3.4 out of 5, whereas Mintsoft has a Trustpilot score of 4.5*. 

Read Mintsoft reviews on for yourself. 

*Scores are correct as of February 2024.

Compare Pricing: Mintsoft vs Linnworks

The cost of a software is a crucial part of the buying process for any business, and no one likes to be hit with hidden fees or surprise price increases.

Mintsoft Pricing

Mintsoft is transparent about pricing to ensure customers know what they’re paying for - charging monthly, with tiered pricing that is suitable for growing businesses. Tiers are defined by monthly order volume, beginning at £159 per month for multichannel retailers, and £375 for warehouses and fulfillment businesses.

Mintsoft offers additional modules for advanced automation, such as order rules and batch scheduling at an additional cost, as well as tiered customer support plans.

Linnworks Pricing

Linnworks charge for their software differently - they charge for their core features in a single package called Linnworks One, with add-on modules for both warehouse management and forecasting. 

Linnworks do not openly advertise their exact pricing model, however their pricing page states that they match pricing directly to the value your business receives, with no hidden fees.

Mintsoft vs Linnworks: which is best for you?

Whether you’re moving from Linnworks or another order management system, Mintsoft could be the perfect Linnworks alternative for your business - ultimately the decision comes down to your specific requirements.

If you need help to determine the best way forward, we’d be happy to help – simply contact us or book a demo with one of our fulfillment experts and let’s see what is going to work best for your business.

Take a closer look at Mintsoft with a personalised demo


Is Mintsoft a good alternative to Linnworks?

Yes, Mintsoft is a good alternative to Linnworks as the system offers many of the same core features, such as order, inventory, warehouse and shipping management, alongside additional technologies such as a warehousing mobile app and barcode scanning.

How can I switch from Linnworks to Mintsoft?

Switching from Linnworks to Mintsoft as your order management system is simple, thanks to our on-boarding and customer support teams. Simply let our team know that you’re migrating from Linnworks and they’ll assist you.

How do I get started with Mintsoft?

If you’re ready to get started and explore Mintsoft, you can book a personalised demonstration of the system with one of our fulfillment experts.

Who does Mintsoft integrate with?

There are over 150 integrations pre-built into Mintsoft, including shopping carts, marketplaces, couriers, multi-carriers, financial and CRM connections – you can explore all of the integrations available here, however the best way to find out about any specific integrations you need, is to speak to our team.