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Mintsoft Product Updates

October 2023


Bugs Fixed in this Release:

The Range: Order with Bundles

Resolved an issue for when Mintsoft despatches an order from The Range that includes Bundles, we will send desptach updates back to notify when the order has been despatched from the warehouse.


Bugs Fixed in this Release:

Mintsoft Mobile App: Inventory Transfer

We have resolved an issue when transferring stock via the Mobile app, all transfers made on the mobile app will now be listed under the Product Inventory table.

Products in Location Report: Bundles

Added a fix so that bundles will be hidden from the Products in Location report due to the bundle itself not having a set location.

Unleashed: Manual Order Exports

We now prevent the duplication of manual order that have been exported from Mintsoft to Unleashed, so that only one order record is created at a time.

Yodel: Printing Integrated Labels

When using the courier Yodel, any integrated labels will print as expected.


Bugs Fixed in this Release:

Product Sales by Channel Report: Front End & CSV Export

Resolved an issue on the Product sales by channel report so that cost of sales will be displayed under the Total Price column. This column name will also show on exported CSV & email body if report is scheduled.

Amazon FBA: Shipment Plan Creation

Added a new field to shipment plan creation called Shipment Name, with the option to autogenerate a shipment name, should you want to. It is also possible to edit the shipment name under the details tab when editing a shipment plan.

Batch Template: Increase to Courier Service Field limit

Increased the courier service field limit to X so it is now possible to add as many courier services as required.

Updated Password Complexity Policy

We will now enforce the following rules when users create passwords.

  • Minimum 12 Characters
  • Common words will not be allowed
  • 1 or more lowercase letters
  • 1 or more uppercase letters
  • 1 or more numbers

Note: Users aren’t required to change their existing password, however it is recommended that you do to increase security


Bugs Fixed in this Release:

Order Overview – Display Range

Users wanting to view more records on the order overview will now be able to do so, added a fix so that now users will be able to view orders when selecting the display range of 1000.

Replen Tasks – Loading Records

When loading the Replen Tasks page, the number of records displayed will be defaulted to 20. If a user has a large number of records, we have added a loading spinner if time taken to load records slower than normal.

Replen Tasks – Page Filter and Search Bar

Resolved an issue, so that when users open Replen Tasks, the filter section and search pane will be visible to users.

Unleashed – Order Import

Added a fix to the Unleashed integration so that orders import automatically.