Mintsoft Release Notes

September 2023


Bugs Fixed in this Release:

Order Rules – Add Tag

Resolved an issue for the order rule ‘Add Tag’, so that the tag is now being saved to an order when the order rule is ran.

Cartons & Pallets: Role Control

Added roles related to the Cartons and Pallets module to its own role group for client and warehouse users.

Product Overview: Viewing Products on overview

Fixed an issue so that users will be able to view their products on all pages of the overview.


Bugs Fixed in this Release:

DHL Express – Prevent Archive Label Printing

If paperless trade is enabled on the integration, archived labels will now no longer be printed for countries that support paperless trade and only print labels for countries that do not support paperless trade.

Huxloe Integration update

The Huxloe integration has been updated to support their 360 shipping API. Users will be able to utilise the updated integration by selecting ThreeSixtyAPI from the account type dropdown. Users will be able to generated an API key via the Huxloe 360 portal.
Included in the new integration is the ability to create a label for domestic and international shipments, void a label and track shipments

Bugs Fixed in this Release:

Amazon FBA: Confirming Shipment Plans

Resolved an Issue so that Amazon FBA users will now be able to confirm shipments plan and any error messages will now detail what has errored.

Custom Stock Flow Report

Data from the custom stock flow report will now be visible for users when exporting to CSV.


What's New

DPD: Added Swap It Service

Users will now be able to create shipments with DPD’s Swap it services and allows the generation of a return label, return address is the warehouse’s that the shipment is sent from. This new feature adds support to the swap it next day and swap it two day courier services.

Extracode 6 must be set to TRUE on the swap it services for the shipment request to be successful, setting Extracode 6 to TRUE on a normal service will cause the shipment to fail. 

Bugs Fixed in this Release:

Automatic Invoicing

Added a fix so that users who have Auto Invoice Despatched Orders set to Y, orders will be automatically invoiced in line with the settings a user has set on the accounting tab in customer account settings.

Connect Overview: List Of Integrations

Users will now be able to see a list of all integration accounts set up when navigating to the connect overview, this fix has also added the ability for users to select Warehouse from the Connect Type dropdown.

Batch Filters: Exclude Orders Containing Products

Resolved an issue when the exclude orders containing products and include orders containing products filters are both in use. If a product is listed in the exclude filter, then no orders with that product will be included in the batch.

User Types

When trying to create a user type with no roles or editing an existing user role and removing all the roles will now display an error message and this behaviour will no longer be allowed.