Mintsoft Release Notes

July 2023


What's New

Grouped Pick Summary Document: Added order level fields

Added the ability to display the following fields on the grouped pick summary document.

OnBuy: Added support of Alternate Codes

Added support of alternate codes to the OnBuy integration. Users will now be able to sync stock and orders that are containing alternate codes.

Bugs Fixed in this Release:

Grouped pick Summary: Printing Orders

Added a new option to print grouped picking summary – order by order number for batches.

APC: Parcel Shipping Labels

We have implemented a fix so that a label is printed for each parcel on the order.

Unleashed: Manual Order Exports

Reorded the sequence of events so that the unleashed GUID is saved to the database before an order is exported to Unleashed.

Amazon Shipping V2: Package Dimensions

Added a fix so that users are able to manually configure their packages dimensions for Amazon Shipping V2.

These Dimensions will be taken from ExtraCode6 and in the format Width, Height, Length (In centimeters).
If no dimensions are specified we will default the dimensions to a minimum of 10x10x10 or the largest
products dimensions, whichever is larger


What's New

CSM Logistics: New Parcel Type

Users wishing to send shipments with CSM logistics will now be able to utilise the new parcel type ‘D’ for Pak. This new parcel type will also be handled by extra code 2 for the integration.

Magento: Added Setting to Take Product Price

When using the Magento V2 connection, if the Use base price when calculating pricing instead of Base Price original toggle is enabled, then the connection will use the base price fields from the request

Bugs Fixed in this Release:

Ebay: Stock sync

Resolved an issue with the eBay stock sync, where it will now receive the correct stock levels for customers listings.

Stock Flow Report

Users will now be able to correctly run the stock flow report, where the results will not display any stock with the Scrapped status.

Amazon Shipping V2: Creating Shipments via API

When creating multi parcel shipments, we will now send the correct quantity and weight for each parcel.


What's New

Scurri/An Post/ Fastway: Added support for multiple types of accounts

Added an account type dropdown to the Scurri accounts page. Users will now have the option to have a Scurri and AnPost account at the same time.

Bugs Fixed in this Release:

Courier Service: Updating Courier Service

Added a fix so that a courier service gets recalculated and applied based on the details from merged orders, without needing to use the bulk action recalculate courier service.

Amazon Shipping V1

On the 5th of July 2023 the Amazon Shipping V1 courier connection will be disabled, an error message will be displayed if a user tries to create a shipment with the old integration. Users should migrate to the Amazon Shipping V2 connection in order to keep using the Amazon Shipping services