Mintsoft Release Notes

January 2024


Bugs Fixed in this Release:

DPD: International Commercial invoices

Added a fix so that commercial invoices will be automatically generated for users sending international shipments via DPD.

DHL Parcel UK: EORI & IOSS Numbers

Added a fix so that we are correctly mapping the EORI & IOSS numbers for the sender and recipient customs registrations.

Unleashed: Marking Orders as Despatched

Resolved an issue so that when an order is despatched in Mintsoft, it will be marked as complete in Unleashed.


Improvements Made this Release:

Add Cartons & Pallets to Order Cart

When inputting a new order, users now have the ability to select specific carton or pallet IDs that they wish to include. Once selecting a carton or pallet ID, this will automatically add all items and/or cartons to the order cart. The existing functionality of the order cart remains, however we have now added a column that highlights which carton/pallet stock in the order cart is on, as well as showing what the quantity of the SKU on the carton/ pallet and the total Items being the carton or pallet quantity.

Note: Users won’t be able to edit the SKU quantity on a carton/pallet in the order cart and will only be able to remove the total quantity of an SKU.

Norsk: Add Ability for Netherlands API

Added a new option on the Norsk integration account called API type. By default this option will be set to the existing ‘Global API’ but now has the option of Netherlands for accounts intending to use the Norsk Netherlands API endpoints.

Shopify: Removed 2023-01 version

Removed the deprecated 2023-01 version from the Shopify Connection so that only the 2023-07 version is available for users.


Bugs Fixed in this Release:

Cartons & Pallets: Order with stock Allocated to Carton/Pallet ID placed on BackOrder

Resolved an issue so that when an order is placed, via manual input or Order integration, then the order status will be put into NEW as opposed to ONBACKORDER. Stock on a carton/pallet will be allocated as normal.