Mintsoft Release Notes

February 2024


Improvements Made this Release:

UPS: Add Ability to Set Reason for Export

We have added the ability for users to set a reason for export against UPS shipments, which is controlled by Extra Code 9 of the courier service codes. Here a user can set the reason for export to; SALE, GIFT, SAMPLE, RETURN, REPAIR or INTERCOMPANYDATA and will be included in the shipment request sent to UPS.

If extra code 9 is left blank, then the reason of export will default to SALE which is current behaviour.

Note: This is only available when using UPS’ REST API.

Bugs Fixed in this Release:

Shopify: Orders with Free Products

Resolved an issue so that customers can ship orders that contain free products.


Bugs Fixed in this Release:

ASNs: OnOrder Quantities

Resolved an issue on ASNs so that the On Order quantity expected is correct.

Big Commerce: Stock Sync with Alt Codes

Added a fix so that users that have stock with alt codes will sync properly.


Improvements Made this Release:

UPS: Add Cash on Delivery Service

Added support of UPS’ cash on delivery service, users can enable this via the courier service codes and by setting extra code 8 to true to use the cash on delivery service. By using this service, Mintsoft will send UPS the values from the COD order name value fields and if there aren’t any Mintsoft will send the Order Value to UPS.

Bugs Fixed in this Release:

Courier Parcel Quantity Recalculation

We have added the ability for users recalculate the number of parcels by courier service via a new bulk action. This new bulk action will update the parcel quantity to the one linked to a courier service, set up via Shipping management > Extras > Courier Parcel Quantity.

Note: The number of parcels will be updated as per the Minimum and Maximum weight set against the courier parcel quantity.

Spring Global: IOSS Channel Mapping

Added a fix so that the IOSS number we get from Spring Global is being mapped correctly in Mintsoft.

Unconfirmed Invoice Export: Archived Orders

Rsolved an issue so when exporting an unconfirmed invoice, the records will now match the values on the desktop without any duplication of results.

TikTok: Order Import

Added a fix so that orders imported from TikTok will include the Order value