Mintsoft Release Notes

August 2023


Bugs Fixed in this Release:

ASN: Closing an ASN

We have resolved an issue so that users will now be able to close their ASNs correctly and then be able to invoice subsequent clients.

eBay: Order Despatch

Customers using the eBay integration will be able to despatch orders imported in from eBay.

Pack and Hold: Date Format

When you mark an order as Pack and hold from the order overview and select a date from the format of that date will display as DD/MM/YYYY.


Bugs Fixed in this Release:

Product: Generate Product Labels

A change has been made to generating product labels. The product dropdown will now list the first 1000 records only, users will however still be able to search for an SKU, if outside the first 1000 products. Users wishing to select all products, will need to leave the product dropdown blank once clicking generate users will be able to control how many
labels they would wish to print for each product. 

3PL Accounting: Viewing Unconfirmed Invoices

Added a fix so that users will be able to view unconfirmed invoices under 3PL accounting.

Batch Template: Single Line Option

Resolved an issue around batch templates, so that users will be able to select more than one product in the Order includes product filter.


Bugs Fixed in this Release:

WooCommerce: Order sync to Dimensions

Added a fix so that orders that users will be able to sync orders from WooCommerce via Mintsoft to

Etsy: Upgrading Orders to Express Service

If the service on the order is upgraded from Standard to Express, we will import this information from Etsy’s shipping upgrade field and update in Mintsoft. 

QuickBooks: Sales Order Imports

For the QuickBooks integration we have resolved the issue around importing sales invoices to Mintsoft, and
if there is an issue this will be logged on the test panel or connect errors.

Product Usage Report: Expiry Date

We have resolved an issue when exporting the product usage report to CSV. Where, if a product has an expiry date linked, this will now show on the export.

Orders: Product Attribute validation

If a user has log Serial no. and log Batch no. for inbound and outbound enabled, users will now have to enter the serial number in order to validate the pick and pack process. 

3PL Accounting: Invoice Storage Costs

We have added a fix so that when as user edits an invoiced storage item the warehouse will remain as the one the record was set against.