Mintsoft Release Notes

December 2023


Improvements Made this Release:

Unleashed: Completing Auto Assemblies after Despatch

Added an improvement to the Unleashed integration so that Mintsoft will automatically complete orders
after despatch, that are imported from Unleashed and contain auto- assemblies.

Unleashed: Update Assemblies when ASN Booked In

Improved the Unleashed Integration so that Mintsoft will automatically complete any outstanding Auto
Assemblies (BOMs) in Unleashed, prior to creating the Shipment in Unleashed.

Warehouse Creation: Add Allocation/Quarantined Transfer switch

Added the Allow Allocated and Quarantine Transfers switch to the new warehouse creation screen.

Carton & Pallets: Carton & Pallet type Picking Costs

For users with the Carton & Pallets module, we have added the ability to set picking costs against your
Carton and Pallet types. The picking costs will be applied and number of carton/pallet picks column on an invoice updated once a carton or pallet barcode has been scanned.

To set up your picking costs per type;

- Go to 3PL Accounting > Overview
- Under additional actions select Carton/Pallet Type picking Costs
- Here you can view and set up the picking costs for standard first and additional picks.
- To use the picking costs for carton and pallet types, users will need to enable Use Carton/pallet
Picking cost under Client > Picking Costs (Can only be enabled if existing carton and pallet picking
switches are disabled)

Carton/Pallet type Picking cost logic;

1. If picking a carton, that is not on a pallet, the cost set against that carton type will be used and the
picking costs for an item will not be included.
2. If picking a pallet, with cartons and/or loose items on, the cost set against that pallet type will be
used and the picking costs for the carton type(s) and/or items will not be included
3. If picking from a carton/pallet/location, we will follow existing picking cost logic used against
Picking Calculation Type.
4. If picking cartons/ pallets and loose stock, then a combination of points 1/2 & 3 will be used so that
picks for cartons/pallet and loose stock is charged accordingly.


Bugs Fixed in this Release:

Unleashed: Default Country

Added a fix so the default country set against a connection is applied when an account is saved.

Order Reprocessing

Resolved an issue so that only the correct quantity of stock is allocated when reprocessing an order.

Unleashed: Average Landed Cost

Added a fix so that if stock is booked out, the average landed cost will be used for the adjustment. If the average landed value is 0 then the cost price will be used instead.

eBay: Disconnect Account

Added a new Disconnect button to the eBay account screen, by using this button it’ll delete the access
token from the account.

Note: This button will only appear when an account has already been authorised, once an account has been disconnected the authorise button will be shown and users can re-authorise their account via to OAuth

Historic Inventory Level Report: Bulk export

Resolved an issue so that the categories column is included when bulk exporting the historic inventory level report.

Unleashed: Warehouse Transfers

Added a fix so that warehouse transfers imported from Unleashed will be updated to completed once the ASN has been booked in.


Improvements Made this Release:

Transfer Inventory: Amend Quantities in Offhand Locations

Added a change so that users can amend the quantity they wish to transfer from Off Hand locations via the updated Transfer Inventory method.


Bugs Fixed in this Release:

Order Export to FactoryMaster

Added a fix so that orders are exported successfully to FactoryMaster. If there is an import error we will no longer send a charge.


Improvements Made this Release:

Carton & Pallets: Storage Costs for Carton and Pallet Types

For users with the cartons & pallets module, we have introduced the ability for users to charge clients based on the carton and/or pallet types used. To use this new type of charging, users will need to enable the Use Carton/Pallet type storage cost switch under Clients > Storage Costs.

Users will find the option set up the carton & pallet type storage prices under the Additional Actions under 3PL Accounting. Here users can set the Carton/Pallet Type, Cost and Frequency against a client, a breakdown of any storage prices for a client will be displayed on their invoice under Invoiced Storage Items as Carton Pallet Type Usage.

Note: Stock that is on a carton/pallet will be excluded from any storage cost calculation set against a client currently.

Warehouse Shipment Updates

Users can now specify which part of an order is to be despatched, for split orders, when using the FTP despatch update method. If no part is specified then this will default to part 1.


Bugs Fixed in this Release:

Transfer Inventory – Source Location

Added a fix so that the Location name and Name are both displayed on the Transfer Inventory screen.

FTP Export: File Export

Resolved an issue so that when FTP files will be exported and contains the correct data.

TikTok: Order Import

Added a fix so that orders from TikTok will import successfully.