Delta Fulfilment

This 3PL management system case study shows how Delta Fulfilment use Mintsoft to power their UK and Global ecommerce order fulfilment solutions.

Who are Delta Fulfilment?

Delta Fulfilment began their ecommerce fulfilment operations in 2017 from a warehouse in Manchester. Due to rapid growth, they now occupy a 85,000 square foot warehouse in Wrexham dispatching 100,000 orders a month, both UK and globally.

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How Mintsoft has helped

Since implementing Mintsoft as their order fulfillment software in 2017, Delta have found the system to be easy to use for both their warehouse operations and 3PL client management. Some of the features they highlighted are:


Courier integrations

Delta take advantage of the variety of courier integrations that Mintsoft offers, and the benefits of automating shipping through the system. They can generate all shipments at the push of a button, and any errors are automatically highlighted for manual fixes.


"When I first joined, I was just blown away that we didn't have to type all the individual orders into the courier portals." Vicki Mathews – Admin & HR Manager – Delta Fulfilment


Batch Scheduling

A recent addition to Delta’s Mintsoft platform is the batch scheduler module, which has saved the team a huge amount of time. The Delta team are now able to batch thousands of orders per day, across multiple client accounts, really quickly and smoothly through automated templates and schedules.


3PL customer portal

As a 3PL managing multiple brands, Delta are able to give their customers access to Mintsoft through the customer portal. This enables the customer access to a transparent and live view of their orders and stock allocation, giving the customer confidence in everything they’re doing and removing the need for emails and communications between Delta and their clients on the progress of orders.

If you want a system which can both manage your warehouse but also give that software to your customers and you can grow, Mintsoft is great. It's a very recommended product. Dani Mechlowitz – Managing Director – Delta Fulfilment

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