Yumbles API Integration 

Yumbles is a marketplace specifically for natural, organic or freshly made food direct from the producers.

“When you buy on Yumbles you are buying directly from the talented maker. They receive your order and prepare their produce (often made fresh to order just for you!)”

Yumbles fits in well for multi channel retailers possibly selling on established niche marketplaces such as NOTHS, Etsy & Hard to find that Mintsoft also integrates with.

The Yumbles integration allows you to automatically manage order fulfilment and shipping.

Mintsoft will automatically import orders once paid by the customer, map the shipping option & then send back tracking details back to Yumbles once shipped.

Also as a requirement of Yumbles – we’ll download and automatically print the Yumbles packing slip so you can have complete peace of mind that orders are being processed correctly with no manual intervention!