Palletways API Integration

Palletways API integration

We are delighted to announce we have added Palletways to our collection of multi-courier integrations within our software offering.

The Mintsoft and Palletways connection is a pallet carrier integration solution and can be used through our order management and fulfilment feature. Alternatively, the integration can be used through our new cloud based shipping management feature to automatically request and produce Palletways integration labels for 

Having completed almost all of the major UK courier integrations some time ago – we are now branching out into some specialist carriers such as this Palletways integration. 


How does the Mintsoft and Palletways API integration work?

Your pallet shipments appear as normal in your Palletways portal to confirm as normal. Consignment tracking numbers and links can also be retrieved back to the Mintsoft order management portal.

A Palletways network member then collects goods from their local catchment area and transports them to their nearest Palletways hub. The freight is then processed using their innovative IT solutions.

Afterwards, the consignment is sorted according the destination postcode of the goods. If it’s an international order, it’s then sent to one of Palletway's European hubs.

Palletways then assign the consignment to the network member who covers the delivery address, who then transports the freight to the final destination.