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Unleashed Alternative: Mintsoft Vs Unleashed

When looking for an Inventory Management System (IMS), The Access Group has two products which could be considered, Access Mintsoft and Access Unleashed. Unleashed is specifically an inventory management system, however, Mintsoft can be considered an Unleashed alternative due to its inventory management capabilities within the order fulfillment software. 

What we'll cover

The two software options have some functionality in common, and both offer unique features specific to their user’s business operations. In this article we’ll explore both softwares in detail, including:

What is Mintsoft Software?

Access Mintsoft is a cloud-based order fulfillment software, encompassing order, inventory and warehouse management tools. Its features enable businesses to automate time-consuming tasks, from the moment a customer places an order through to when the order is en-route, providing the ability to fulfill and despatch orders with ease.

Who is Mintsoft for?

Mintsoft has been specially designed to suit any size of business that fulfils ecommerce orders to the end consumers; this includes: 

  • Online retailers
  • Warehouses
  • Fulfillment houses
  • Distribution centres
  • 3PLs

What is Unleashed Software?

Access Unleashed is a cloud-based inventory management software that gives product-based businesses control over their stock on any device, anywhere in the world. The features offered by Unleashed help businesses save time, unlock cashflow and boost performance by unifying all their buying, warehousing, sales & production processes.

Who is Unleashed for?

Unleashed is designed for businesses that want to have clarity on and manage all parts of their supply chain; specifically businesses such as:

  • Assembly manufacturers
  • Wholesalers
  • Distributors
  • Stock-holding businesses

Key Features of Mintsoft

Key Features of Unleashed

Features Unique to Mintsoft

There are many features that both Unleashed and Mintsoft offer, however, there are a few unique to Mintsoft, which makes it perfect for B2C order fulfillment. 

For example, Mintsoft has the capability for retailers to manage their product listings across many popular marketplaces, as well as a Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) connection that allows you to view FBA orders, manage stock held at FBA facilities, raise Amazon-compliant replenishments and send orders for Amazon fulfillment from other sales channels, all from within the Mintsoft platform.

Mintsoft also has over 89 pre-built shipping and courier integrations, allowing businesses to choose the most cost effective and appropriate shipping for every order. This process can be automated to choose the correct shipping partner based on parcel dimensions, delivery location, urgency and contents. Additionally, if your delivery partner is not already an integration, the Courier API Connector service can help you to connect the system with your chosen couriers.

Features Unique to Unleashed

Both Mintsoft and Unleashed offer stock control and inventory management capabilities, however Unleashed is unique due to its ability to manage processes prior to the point of sale. You can take full control of the purchasing of stock and materials based on your bill of materials and the volume of finished goods required, production and assembly processes and track production costs. 

As previously mentioned, Unleashed also offers the ability to build a custom B2B ecommerce platform to manage sales from both long-standing customers and one-off purchasers.

Unleashed has been built and designed with specific industries in mind, and is a great choice for any business in the following industries: 

  • Food & Drink
  • Electronics
  • Furniture & Home
  • Building Materials
  • Health & Medical

Mintsoft vs Unleashed: Pricing Comparison

Mintsoft and Unleashed both offer pricing on a monthly basis, while Unleashed also offers annual pricing at a discounted rate, and both have tiered pricing options to choose from, however the pricing structures do differ.

As both products are part of The Access Group, there are additional packages that will need to be purchased alongside the software, these include Customer Success Plans and on-boarding flight paths - the cost of these will vary depending on the level of service you choose and your business requirements.

Mintsoft Pricing

Mintsoft’s monthly tiered pricing is suitable for growing ecommerce and fulfillment businesses as the tiers are defined by monthly order volume, starting at £159 per month for retailers and £375 for warehouses and fulfillment houses. Additional modules such as order rules, batch scheduling and FBA are offered at additional cost. There is no limit on the number of users with any of Mintsoft’s pricing options.

Unleashed Pricing

Unleashed’s pricing structure is tiered based on the amount of user licences required, with packages starting at £249 per month for 3 users. As mentioned previously, Unleashed can be paid for monthly or annually, and extra user licences and add-ons are available at additional cost.

Can Mintsoft and Unleashed work together?

Mintsoft and Unleashed as stand-alone solutions offer great benefits and features; however if you need a selection of both of their capabilities, for example, production, B2B and B2C sales, and shipping, you may be wondering which would be best for your business.

Luckily, as both solutions are owned by The Access Group, the systems integrate with each other and work together, so you can have the best of both softwares.

An example use case of when you’d need both softwares is if you’re a business that manufactures or assembles products, and needs to import orders from both ecommerce sales channels for B2C sales and B2B wholesale orders for fulfillment, and despatching orders through outsourced shipping services.

In this example, Unleashed empowers your production, assembly, inventory and B2B sales needs, while Mintsoft collates ecommerce orders, fulfillment and shipping requirements. 

By using both systems together, your business can sell on more channels, fulfil orders effectively, use data for reordering and assembling to replenish stock - all to work in a smooth and effective manner; reducing costs and manual intervention, and improving overall operational efficiency.

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