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Looking for an Extensiv Alternative? Try Mintsoft

Mintsoft is an all-in-one inventory and warehouse management solution, with a 3PL customer portal to enhance customer relationships. 

The Extensiv Alternative for superb customer relationships

Maintain excellent client relationships

Build and maintain lasting customer relationships through our 3PL client portal, helping your business to deliver a more efficient service for your customers.

Increase warehouse productivity

Powerful automation options help to streamline your warehouse operations by reducing packing errors and customer returns. 

Stay connected with 150+ integrations

Connect effortlessly to a wide network of ecommerce sales channels, shipping partners, and CRM and accounting software. 

Scalable all-in-one solution

Manage orders, inventory, warehouses and 3PL clients all in one place with a fully scalable solution that’s able to grow with your business. 

What others are saying about Mintsoft

Mintsoft vs Extensiv: Features Comparison

See how Mintsoft features compare as an alternative to Extensiv. 

Inventory Management
Order Management
Shipping Management
Warehouse Management
Mobile App
Amazon FBA
B2B Orders
Barcode Scanning
Multi-channel Listings
Ecommerce Integrations
Shipping Integrations
Accounting Integrations
CRM Integrations

Although both solutions share many of the same core features, Mintsoft offers a few additional benefits that Extensiv users are missing out on. Mintsoft’s multichannel listings make it easier for businesses to list and sell products across a variety of commonly used marketplaces with no extra hassle, while its accounting integrations streamline essential financial admin. 

3PL client relationship management

Mintsoft’s versatile 3PL management portal allows you to view and manage all of your customers’ details in one place. You also have total control over how much your customers can do in the portal, with permissions allowing them to connect their sales channels via API, import manual orders, view inventory levels in your warehouse, raise ASNs, and more. 

Warehouse management

Mintsoft’s advanced automation modules and workflows help you to streamline manual warehouse operations, manage inventory tracking and stock control, and sync stock levels across sales channels. As well as speeding up order processing times, this helps to reduce overhead costs and minimise errors while improving accuracy. 

Extend your tech stack

Using Mintsoft for your 3PL warehouse management allows you to access the entire tech stack offered by The Access Group – Mintsoft’s proprietary owners. This includes essential tools like finance and accounting software, HR software and compliance software, which can all be seamlessly integrated with your inventory and warehouse management to streamline your business processes. 

Compare ratings

Don’t just take our word for it. Our ratings on external review sites such as Trustpilot show that Mintsoft is an excellent Extensiv alternative. Mintsoft has a Trustpilot score of 4.5, while Extensiv currently has no ratings or reviews*. 

Read Mintsoft reviews on for yourself.  

*Scores are correct as of February 2024. 

Compare Pricing: Mintsoft vs Extensiv

Cost is a crucial part of the buying process for any software or hardware, so it’s important to compare how Extensiv alternatives stack up.

Mintsoft Pricing

Mintsoft is dedicated to delivering transparent pricing, so our customers will always know exactly what they’re paying for, and how much it will cost. We charge monthly, offering a straightforward tiered pricing system that is suitable for growing businesses. Each tier is priced by monthly order volume, starting at just £159 per month for multichannel retailers, and £375 for warehouses and fulfillment businesses. 

Businesses can also choose to pay for additional modules to further enhance their productivity, including order rules and batch scheduling for advanced automation, and tiered customer support plans. 

Extensiv Pricing

Extensiv offers a range of different pricing plans for merchants, EDI merchants and 3PLs, as well as a Master Account tier for software providers. Starting prices range from $39/month to $199/month for the core services, with the first month free. Additional order sources are charged at between $15/month and $79/month, and businesses can pay for optional extras such as onboarding and premium support. 

Mintsoft vs Extensiv: which is best for you?

Whether you’re a current Extensiv user looking for an alternative solution, or you’re just getting started implementing an order management system for your business, which option is right for you comes down to your specific requirements. Compare the functionality of each solution to see which one suits your needs now, as well as considering its ability to scale with your business as it grows. 

If Mintsoft is the Extensiv alternative you’re looking for, or if you’ve got any questions, we’re happy to help. Simply book a demo and one of our fullfillment experts will guide you through the software so you can see for yourself whether it’s the right fit for your business. 

Take a closer look at Mintsoft with a personalised demo


Is Mintsoft a good alternative to Extensiv?

Mintsoft is a great alternative to Extensiv. As well as offering the same core features for inventory, order and warehouse management, it also enables multichannel listings and accounting integrations. As part of The Acces Group suite of tools, Mintsoft also allows you to access other business-essential software for finance, HR, compliance and more. 

How can I switch from Extensiv to Mintsoft?

Switching from Extensiv to Mintsoft as your 3PL warehouse management system is simple, thanks to our on-boarding and customer support teams. Simply let our team know that you’re migrating from Extensiv and they’ll assist you.

How do I get started with Mintsoft?

If you’re ready to get started and explore Mintsoft, you can book a personalised demonstration of the system with one of our fulfillment experts.

Who does Mintsoft integrate with?

There are over 150 integrations pre-built into Mintsoft, including shopping carts, marketplaces, couriers, multi-carriers, financial and CRM connections – you can explore all of the integrations available here, however the best way to find out about any specific integrations you need, is to speak to our team.