Additional Features

Maximise your Mintsoft experience by adding any of these additional modules to your platform.

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Courier integrations
Online shopping platform integrations
3PL and Fulfilment customers
Online retail customers

Order Rules

Speed up your fulfillment processes with powerful and intelligent order rules.

This module gives you the ability to:

  • Create workflows and place bespoke actions against products, couriers and warehouses
  • Apply multiple actions to work in logical order
  • Set up actions such as; auto-holding orders, selecting shipping services based on weight or dimensions and prioritise urgent orders for processing
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Order Rules
Batch Scheduling (1)

Batch Scheduling

No longer spend time manually checking for new orders for picking.

Use the batch scheduler module to:

  • Create multiple batch templates with differing rules
  • Schedule order batches to be processed at time intervals that suit you
  • Automatically generate batches for picking
  • Integrate with Mintsoft mobile app
  • Assign batches to all, or specific mobile users for picking
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White labelling

As a 3PL, fulfilment partner or distributor, communication with your clients is paramount.

By white-labelling the portal, you can enhance how your clients work and communicate with you.

  • Host the client portal on your own company’s website domain
  • Personalise your own portal
  • Use your own brand colours and logo
  • Remove advertisements from Mintsoft
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White Labelling
Pallets And Cartons

Pallets and Cartons

Manage your pallet storage and B2B order fulfillment.

This module will help you maximise your warehouse space and easily store goods with traceability and accuracy:

  • Universal pallet or carton codes to enable multiple cartons with different SKUs to be added to a single pallet
  • Pallet & carton IDs allow mixed SKUs
  • Storage / replenish pick faces from a pallet or carton ID using our scanner
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Fulfilled By Amazon

Logging onto multiple platforms to manage your Amazon FBA orders becomes a thing of the past.

The solution is designed to provide you the ability to:

  • View FBA order status alongside your other sales channels
  • Manage FBA stock levels and raise replenishment shipments
  • Ensure better compliance with FBA regulations
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Fulfilled By Amazon
Custom Documents

Custom Documents

Extend your brand across all documents produced through the Mintsoft platform, throughout your entire fulfillment journey.

Create branded documents such as:

  • Despatch notes
  • Packing lists
  • Product and location labels
  • Commercial invoices
  • Product information sheets
  • Purchase orders

Handheld Scanners

Get access to the Mintsoft Barcode Scanning android application to implement in your warehouses.

Use on your own android devices or purchase user licenses and scanners from Mintsoft.

With the scanning app, your team members can perform the following tasks:

  • Mobile picking
  • Stock transfers
  • Inbound putaway
  • Inventory adjustments
  • Mobile label printing
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Mobile Barcode Scanning
Listings Management Banner


Quickly and easily list and sell your products with the biggest online marketplaces, such as Amazon, eBay and TikTok.

This feature will allow you to:

  • Upload listings in bulk
  • Manage product descriptions and images
  • Sync pricing across multiple channels
  • Review product performance with a product status dashboard
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