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What are the benefits of an ecommerce shipping software?

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Improve shipping times

Deliver customer satisfaction like never before by decreasing the time it takes to pick, pack and ship an order.

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Increase order accuracy

Reduce returns, eliminate errors and stay up to date on the movement of stock and orders.

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Enhance staff efficiency

Mintsoft shipping software tools maximise productivity from day one, such as being able to automatically print shipping labels 'on the go'.

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  • Real time updates on orders, inventory, and shipments
  • Automatically select the cheapest courier based on your rules
  • Over 150 pre-built integrations to all major E-commerce platforms, shopping carts and couriers
  • Designed, built and supported by industry experts from E-commerce, logistics and warehouse management


What is multi-carrier shipping software?

Multi-carrier shipping software is a solution specifically designed to simplify the complexities of the parcel shipping process. With shipping software your staff will be able to manage the shipping process for multiple carriers from a single platform, whilst also automating manual processes, tracking orders and generating shipping labels.


Our clever rule-based approach to shipping software means courier services can be automatically selected based on criteria you define. Mintsoft will automatically select the fastest, safest, cheapest or greenest fulfilment options for your customer. Ultimately taking the trouble out of your business’s shipping and distribution system.


Unlimited courier integrations

Mintsoft shipping management software is connected to every major courier service in the UK, with more courier integrations being added regularly. There is no additional cost to setup or use any supported courier or multi-courier integrations.

✔ Seamlessly integrated
All courier shipments are produced in exactly the same way - making it easy to swap from one courier service to another at a moment's notice.

✔ Huge coverage
Every major courier service is now supported for UK and International shipping. New integrations for newly established courier services & resellers being added all the time.

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Simple order tracking

With our ecommerce shipping solutions, your business will automatically obtain tracking information from your chosen couriers, so it's ready at your fingertips as soon as you need it.

✔ Everything you need in one place
Easily track any order with any courier in one place: search by customer name, order number or post code to find tracking events directly on the couriers website.

✔ Channel auto-updates
All connected channels are automatically updated with shipment tracking information at regular intervals.

Easily integrate this with our order management system to reduce errors and streamline your shipping services even further. Our cloud based software saves both time and money, so you’ll have more space to focus on growth.  

Smart shipping software rules

Configure your shipping management system to automatically select the right courier and service using Mintsoft’s sophisticated shipping rules, such as:

✔ Multiple parameters

You can define the correct shipping service needed based on a number of parameters such as parcel weight, order value and destination.

✔ Product specific rules

Set product override rules so that specific products can be sent by different courier services for specialist needs - e.g. fragile goods or dangerous goods.

✔ Custom Zones

Create custom geographic shipping zones so that courier services can be selected by country or specific postcode. Surcharge shipping zones are also in place to manage offshore locations.

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Automated shipping label printing software

Creating and printing courier labels can be a time consuming task, but Mintsoft shipping software simplifies this, allowing you to get it sorted in just a couple of clicks for seamless cross border shipping.

Courier tool
Mintsoft provides you with a specially designed print tool so you can seamlessly print courier labels and invoices on various printers.

Commercial Invoice Data
We automatically provide all the commercial invoice data as well as produce commercial invoices for most Non-EU destinations. Some courier integrations even support paperless trade - meaning there’s no need to print multiple copies of paper invoices!

What our customers say 

Our previous system was clunky, slow, and laborious when carrying out tasks such as transferring stock, but with Mintsoft tasks like this can be done in a fraction of the time. By automating tasks such as reporting and inventory tracking, we now spend a lot less time on admin and have also reduced the risk of information getting lost, or duplicating workload.

Martyn Newton, Group Operations Director at InterSend

Learn more about Shipping Management Software

Our guide to shipping management systems looks at what one is, the benefits of using a shipping management system and how one could help make your business more successful, before exploring the best shipping management systems in 2022.

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