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Turning Your 3PL Into An E-commerce Powerhouse With An Order Management System

By Jordan Westley, E-commerce and OMS Expert
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If you own a third-party logistics (3PLs) company and are growing your customer base with a view to becoming an industry dynamo, having a warehouse management system (WMS) to handle your operations is a given. 3PLs today couldn’t function properly without one.

But many 3PLs and fulfilment houses can bolster operations further and get a slice of the E-commerce boom by using a cloud-based order management system (OMS) that allows you to focus on expanding your business with the peace of mind in knowing the company’s daily tasks are being handled with the right tech.

Get a slice of the E-commerce and D2C boom

During the continuing boom of omnichannel E-commerce and direct to consumer (D2C) business modelling, the expectations of consumers are changing, and therefore the business of 3PL must evolve with it in order to secure more online clientele. 

To say we are in a huge moment of opportunity is to undersell it – In October 2020, more than 28% of all retail in the UK occurred online, compared with 18% a year earlier. 

Online retailers in a growth phase are looking to outsource their order fulfilment to 3PLs and fulfilment houses that are equipped and ready to take on their new and growing business and their fluctuating, seasonal, and flash sale demands. They want a 3PL that can pick up things such as their integrations with Amazon, Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento, that can handle storage, picking and packing, eFulfilment, international fulfilment, customer service management, returns management – the list goes on. 

On the flip side, fulfilling E-commerce orders can take up to four times longer than whole-pallet orders, but it pays to work with this growing market. While robotics may be the future, at present 90% of picking is still manual

If you are a 3PL looking for an interim solution between full automation and the associated costs and turning your business into a viable solution for online sellers – you need an OM.


Moving into E-commerce fulfilment

You may be creating new fulfilment rooms, more packing desks, more pick bases, and becoming more efficient around goods-in, batch picking, and scanning to grow your 3PL’s capacity. But there is something major still missing from your preparations and readiness plan.

When you’re competing with the big players in the industry, you must ask how they got there and what they have that you don’t. You need to be able to match their demand, mirror their output, and trounce their customer care capability with stronger client relationships and the strength of the brand. 

That’s a big ask, so how can you achieve your 3PL ‘Everest’ and become the powerhouse of fulfilment and logistics for D2C trade and E-commerce enterprise?

The answer is an order management solution designed for 3PLs to enable you to deliver in your new role at the top of the summit. Smaller 3PLs can compete with the major player using readily-available online tools and by forging effective partnerships, without the need to build their own costly IT infrastructure.

The magic of a cloud-based OMS

Most 3PLs and fulfilment houses already have a hardy warehouse management system (WMS), the software solution to sort distribution, fulfilment, and supply chain processes. But you can bolster your operations further with a cloud-based order management system that will give you the best technology suite possible. 

The right OMS will help you to automate key stages of the fulfilment process, and save you much-needed time and otherwise necessary costs, reduce error, and react quickly to real-time market demands. Are you after standalone software or open-source API technology?

Gain access to Mintsoft tech

Not all order management systems are equal to the task, and you will need to find the right fit for your 3PL needs. Why not try Access Mintsoft, a successful, proven OMS and courier integration solution all in one? We can offer automation of high-volume dispatch processes of picking, packing, and shipping from online order placement to at-the-door delivery. The optimised platform offers real-time updates, accurate visibility of stock and orders, and shipment traceability. 

Online retailers will only survive if built on solid foundations with reliable, transparent, and speedy fulfilment from 3PLs, so they are really closely analysing what a 3PL can offer. We go in to more depth on this in our expert content piece: Building Trust With Your Customers

Mintsoft guarantees excellence in customer experience that will align with your company’s brand vision. It also guarantees fast and smooth onboarding and is completely industry-integrated, offering software that can consolidate your business’s platforms, channels, and processes into one intuitive and user-friendly platform.

With Mintsoft, it’s all customised especially for third-party logistics, so you can become the leading E-commerce powerhouse to rival your biggest competitors. Book in a demo with our experts today