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Ensuring Your 3PL business is Equipped to Handle Increased Shipping Demand
Research shows 26% of online shoppers abandon purchases due to long shipping times, and as a result many online and multi-channel retailers have attempted to meet consumer needs by adding new delivery options to their offerings. With same-day and 24/7 delivery services being added as a part of this, are you equipped to support your clients as a third-party logistics (3PL) partner in terms of increased delivery options - as well as an increase in volume of orders? 
by Rob Hodgson, WMS and E-commerce Fulfilment Expert
Platforms For Online Sellers: A Deep Dive Into NOTHS
At Mintsoft, we can offer seamless integrations to help online sellers scaling and sell on multiple platforms. If you are a new seller or looking to sell online, then you may have considered Notonthehighstreet. Before you apply, we’ll take a look at the history of the brand and what Notonthehighstreet looks for, the rates and costs of selling on Notonthehighstreet, and why you may need an order management system to handle the volume of sales.
by Jordan Westley, E-commerce and OMS Expert
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Online Retailers
Ensuring Sales, Marketing and Operations Are Linked Up Is Key for Growth
At Minstoft, we pride ourselves on our long and successful partnerships. We believe there is much to be gained from having experts integrated with us in all areas of the 3PL ecosystem, whether that’s in logistics, warehousing, retail or indeed, in an online marketplace agency, such as Activ8, the focus of this article. We caught up with Stu Conroy from Activ8 in our podcast series (which you can also find on YouTube) to talk about our recent partnership and the changes in e-commerce and online selling.
by Patrick Prasad, Head of Strategic Partnerships
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Shipping Management
Why A Multi-Carrier Shipping Strategy Is Essential For E-commerce Businesses
If you are an online seller that has scaled your business, either on your own site or through utilising multiple platforms and markets places such Notonthehighstreet (NOTHS), Etsy, eBay or Amazon, then you’ll be keeping a close eye on revenue, percentage points, overhead and net worth. But if keeping costs low and profits high is important to you (why wouldn't it be?) then there is one area you may have overlooked when it comes to growing your business, improving customer satisfaction and cuting costs. The answer? Striking deals with multiple shipping carriers and implementing a multi carrier approach.
by Danny Lawson, E-commerce and OMS Expert
700X380 The Problems Facing 3Pls Post COVID 19 And How To Overcome Them Blog Banner
Post Covid 3PL Problems
As a 3PL, you have likely had your fill of talk about COVID-19 and Brexit. We won’t belabour the point, but we would like to delve into some of the key issues facing 3PLs and their solutions to continue to manage new business with consistency and professionalism.
by Rob Hodgson
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Order Management
What Should a Fully Integrated E-commerce Platform Look Like For SMEs?
Do you need an E-commerce platform that can keep up with your ambition? E-commerce levels have boomed under Covid-19 lockdown restrictions, stretching supply chains and forcing sellers like you to look at ways to improve fulfilment. As a growing SME, you might have looked at methods of expansion this year or last – perhaps using a 3PL, changing where or what you sell – or even growing your team. If you’ve noticed frequent issues that are holding you back, you might need a more integrated way to do business and you’re planning on working with a new E-commerce platform. But first – is that all you need? Let’s dive in.
by Jordan Westley, E-commerce and OMS Expert
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Order Management
Turning Your 3PL Into An E-commerce Powerhouse With An Order Management System
If you own a third-party logistics (3PLs) company and are growing your customer base with a view to becoming an industry dynamo, having a warehouse management system (WMS) to handle your operations is a given. 3PLs today couldn’t function properly without one. But many 3PLs and fulfilment houses can bolster operations further and get a slice of the E-commerce boom by using a cloud-based order management system (OMS) that allows you to focus on expanding your business with the peace of mind in knowing the company’s daily tasks are being handled with the right tech.
by Jordan Westley, E-commerce and OMS Expert
Building Trust With Your Customers The Importance Of The Third Party Providers You Choose
Online Retailers
Building Trust With Your Customers: Why The Third-Party Provider You Choose Matters
As an online retailer, you naturally strive for excellent consumer service throughout your customer’s buying experience. However, many online and multi-channel retailers tend to forget the importance of what happens after your customer clicks buy. How important are the experiences later in the buying process (such as shipping, tracking, safe delivery) and why is it important to choose these partners wisely?
by Neil Devani, WMS Fulfillment Team Leader
Online Retailers
4 benefits to retailers selling online
The effects of COVID-19 on the high street and retail will be far-reaching, long after the storm has calmed. As well as social distancing measures being predicted to be in place in some capacity for months, it has forced many people into changing the way they shop. Unlike the doomsday predictions such as ‘death of the high street’, commentators believe this will prompt many small retailers to address their overreliance on being purely bricks and mortar.
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