Starlinks offers Order Fulfillment System Powered by Mintsoft

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Starlinks fulfillment center has recently partnered with Mintsoft and will be powered by its order fulfillment system.  An order fulfillment system is a complete end-to-end solution that enables you to receive orders from your customers, process them, and then ship the products to the customer – all without any manual intervention.


Mintsoft is one such order fulfillment system. It is a complete, cloud-based solution that takes care of every step of the order fulfillment process – from order taking to delivery.


In this article, we will take a look at how an order fulfillment system can benefit your business. We will also look at some of the features that make Starlinks & Mintsoft the leading order fulfillment partners on the market today.


Benefits of Order Fulfillment Systems


1. Increased efficiency


One of the most significant benefits of an order fulfillment system is increased efficiency. With an automated system in place, you can process and ship orders quickly and accurately while reducing errors caused by manual entry.


2. Improved customer service


With order fulfillment systems, 3PL customers receive real-time updates on their orders, including tracking and delivery information. This level of visibility gives customers peace of mind and improves overall satisfaction.


3. Better inventory management


An order fulfillment system can help you track your inventory levels at Starlinks warehouses, so you can quickly restock products and avoid stockouts. Furthermore, you can identify trends and adjust orders accordingly to optimize inventory levels and reduce waste.


4. Scalability


An order fulfillment system can grow as your business grows. You can add new products, locations, and partners without worrying about outgrowing your current system. This allows you to focus on other parts of your business and expand into new markets.


5. Cost savings


By automating your order fulfillment process, you can reduce labor costs associated with manual data entry, shipping, and inventory management. The cloud-based Order Fulfillment System offers a range of features that make it stand out from other systems on the market. These features include:

  • fully integrated sales platforms & ERP systems
  • mobile barcode scanning for inbound & bound WMS operations
  • integrated carrier systems
  • automated 3PL billing

Order Fulfillment with Mintsoft


An order fulfillment system can increase efficiency, improve customer service, manage inventory better, scale your business, and save you money. Mintsoft's system stands out with its advanced features, making it a top choice for businesses who are looking to optimise their order fulfillment process.


Mintsoft expert, Patrick Prasad says, “We’re really pleased to be partnering with Starlinks on such an exciting and ground-breaking project to help them automate and optimise their new 3PL operation in KSA. The scale of the project and the integration with Autonomous Mobile Robots is bringing new levels of innovation and functionality to Mintsoft which all of our clients will benefit from in the long run.


By utilising Mintsoft’s key 3PL WMS features the Starlinks operations will benefit from automated warehouse processes, optimised location management and workflows, automated client billing, client portal access and real-time analytics to allow Starlinks to make data-driven decisions.”


Associate Director of E-commerce and Growth Project, Gary Grummitt says, "Starlinks and Mintsoft join hands to create a powerful partnership, where innovation and efficiency come together to take e-commerce to new heights."