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Peak Season Survival Guide for 3PLs and Warehouses

By Rob Hodsgon, WMS and E-commerce Fulfilment Expert
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Peak season is just around the corner, and it’s expected to be bigger, longer and earlier than ever. Online shoppers now choose convenience over brand loyalty, meaning how orders are picked and packaged, delivery costs and timings, and ease of returns all matter. Using a 3PL which has invested in technology allows online retailers to deliver a more responsive and consistent service. 

Customers want fast, accurate deliveries and by having the relevant technology and an innovative order management software, you’ll be able to offer your clients access to a large network of couriers – something that will make you stand out over competitors. As a 3PL or warehouse partner, are you equipped to handle peak volumes and offer a great service to your clients, and ultimately a great experience for their customers?

We’ve put together a survival guide with the services and experiences you should focus on and how to enhance your current offerings to have the most successful peak season ever. Read on to find out more.

It’s all about accurate orders 

Customer expectations are at an all-time high – there will be no room for errors when it comes to picking and packing orders this holiday season. Something as small as an incorrect order, or missing item is enough for online retailers to lose customer loyalty these days. As their trusted partner they are counting on you to take care of their fulfilment and logistical needs. 

98% picking accuracy is industry standard, but how can you make sure you are offering an increase on that and giving businesses edge over their competition? Mobile barcode picking is an extremely popular, widely used technology in distribution centres and warehouses that have outgrown their paper-based processes. It’s suitable for manual activities and represents the ideal solution if you are looking for a way of efficiently guiding and managing employees in a warehouse and has many benefits:


Don’t forget about delivery choices

Mintsoft’s mobile barcode scanning app ensures warehouse staff are picking items right the first time and can help you scale your business whilst reducing errors. With voice assisted picking commands, product images & user friendly errors, it’s virtually impossible to pick the wrong items using this process.

28% of people have claimed that they will buy more online this season, which comes as no surprise as consumers have become accustomed to the ease and convenience of shopping online. Home delivery will still be first choice for many consumers in the run up to Christmas, so ensuring you have a robust shipping management strategy in place is pivotal. 

Customer experience continues to be the main differentiator for the top E-commerce brands, and where delivery is concerned, this means choice and transparency. Recent reports have shown that consumers don’t necessarily want the quickest delivery option possible, but the ability to choose a specific day and time slot, which is forcing online retailers to implement a more robust delivery strategy. And this is where tech-led 3PL and fulfilment houses come in.

It’s no secret that consumers love choice and convenience – and they all have preferences, whether that’s price, delivery time, or transparency. So why not make sure that your clients can offer them an option for each of these? 

With a multi-carrier model, your tariff can include multiple delivery streams per destination. Mintsoft simplifies and speeds up the shipping process for 3PLs and warehouses and removes the complications of multiple deliveries via third-party services with various courier and multi-courier API integrations. By using these integrations, you don’t have to worry about supplying customer address data manually – rather let technology do that for you. Saving you both time and money. If you’re fed up with updating separate databases, then it’s time to look into integrating your systems.

Having the ability to offer your clients a multi-courier strategy will not only help you stand out from your competition, but will set you up for success when shipping high volume orders at rapid pace, with different delivery needs and choices. 

Automate your way to success 

Online retailers are aware of the benefits of partnering with a 3PL, and rely on them to take control of logistical processes to eliminate strain often caused by fulfilment. By investing in technology you can enhance your offerings and ensure you’re providing unique services and standing out from competition. For example, in addition to helping with fulfilment, online retailers are also looking for 3PL partners to take care of time-consuming processes and nowadays, many 3PL businesses have evolved their offerings by transitioning into tech first entities. 

This is a factor they’ll look for when looking to onboard a partner so don’t get left behind by not offering services that meet the basic expectations of your core market.

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