Mintsoft Release Notes

November 2023


Improvements Made this Release:

Cartons & Pallets: Autogenerate Carton/Pallet Code

Added the ability for users to create a carton or pallet with an autogenerated code via the Front end & Storage Item Upload Template. When selecting auto generate code, a carton or pallet will be created with a code that is next in the sequence.

Bugs Fixed in this Release:

Mintsoft Analytics: OTIF Report

Resolved an issue for the OTIF report so that orders that have been marked picked and despatched will be displayed on
the report.

Cartons & Pallets: Module Visibility

Resolved an issue so that if a user does not have the cartons and pallets module they will not have visibility of options in the feature.

Inventory Report: Column Sorting

Resolved an issue when sorting by column on the inventory report.


Improvements Made this Release:

UPS: Update to Support OAuth 2.0

The UPS integration has been updated to allow new connections to be added via OAuth 2.0. When creating a new connection, if the Use Legacy Authorisation is off and Access License Number is empty, the authorise button will show against the connection.

Clicking the authorise button will take the user to the UPS login page, where you will need to tick the check box to agree to UPS’s terms and log in with your username and password.

Once logged in to your UPS account, it will redirect you back to om.Mintsoft where the token will be saved. If there are any issues with the UPS connection, users will have to disconnect the integration.

Outstanding Batch Despatch Report: Include more Order Statuses in the report

We have increased the number of order statuses included in the Outstanding batch despatch report, so that the report will include orders on a batch that are marked as PACKED, PACKANDHOLD, AWAITINGPICKING, PICSTARTED,PICKED and PICKINGSKIPPED

Shopify: API Upgrade

We ask users that are currently on the 2023-01 API version of Shopify to upgrade via the Connection page to the latest version as soon as possible.

On the 16 November 2023, we're going to automatically upgrade you to 2023-07, so if you use Webhooks, you have to ensure this version matches your custom app.

To go to the latest version:

1. Click Connect then click Shopify.
2. Find your connection then click Edit.
3. Change API version to 2023-07.

Going forward, we request that users of Custom apps switch to the Mintsoft Public app, as detailed by Shopify Integration, as soon as possible.

Bugs Fixed in this Release:

Shopify: Product Creation

Resolved an issue so when new products are imported from Shopify only one product record is created on Mintsoft.

Australia Post: Branded Flag

Added a fix, so that any label printed for the Australia Post courier integration will now have the Australia Posts logo on it.

Australia Post: International Label Sizes

For Australia Posts international labels, we now request 6x4 as the label size as opposed to A4 which we were requesting previously.


Improvements Made this Release:

Cartons & Pallets: Added Client Level Control

Users of the cartons & pallet module, will now have the ability to specify the client that they are creating the carton or pallet for. Users can select a client when editing or creating a carton or pallet via the Front-end or by the Storage media upload.

Note: Users will be able to clearly see what cartons and pallets a client has via the Carton & Pallet Overview.

UPS: Declaration Statements

For users that send shipments with UPS, we have introduced the ability to configure which declaration statement is included on the commercial invoice. On the UPS customer account users will be able to select; STANDARD, EEA, GB PREFERTIAL ORIGIN. With the associated statements as follows.

STANDARD - "I hereby certify that the information on this invoice is true and correct and the contents and value of this shipment is as stated above"

EEA - "The exporter of the products covered by this document declares that except where otherwise clearly indicated these products are of EEA preferential origin."

GB PREFERENTIAL ORIGIN - "The exporter of the products covered by this document declares that except where otherwise clearly indicated these products are of GB preferential origin."

Note: If the selection is left blank then the existing declaration statement will be use

Bugs Fixed in this Release:

Mintsoft API: Product Creation

Resolved an issue for creating a product via the Mintsoft API, the fix will only create a product against the client the entered API key relates to.

Huxloe 360: Parcel Weight

Fixed an issue for the Huxloe 360 integration, so that the parcel weight value sent to the courier matches the weight saved in Mintsoft.

Unleashed: Tracking Numbers

When Shipment to Order Import is enabled, Mintsoft will now update Unleashed with the tracking number on despatch.

SAP: Import Error Logging

If an order fails to import from SAP to Mintsoft, we will log an error message on the Connect > Import Errors page.

Yodel: Order Despatch

Resolved an issue for Orders sent via Yodel, where only the correct number of courier labels are printed for each order.