Mintsoft Release Notes

March 2024


Improvements Made this Release:

Intersoft: Added Mapping for Shipping Address Line 2

For the Royal Mail integration via Intersoft, we will now map the address line 2 from a warehouse to the shipping address line 2 when generating a Royal Mail label.

DX: Package Type

Added the ability for users to specify the type of packaging, this will be controlled by Extra code 1 via the courier service codes and will be defaulted to Box.

Other valid values include; PCH = Pouch, BX = Box, LN = Length, PAL = Pallet.

Transfer Inventory: Added the Ability to Transfer Allocated and Quarantined Stock

We have added the ability for users to transfer stock that is in an allocated or quarantined status. A new warehouse setting called Allow Allocated and Quarantine Transfers has been added controls the transfers on allocated and quarantined stock on Mintsoft and its mobile app.

Note: If the setting is enabled, stock transferred by the mobile app will be made in the following priority order; Allocated, On Hand, Off Hand, Quarantine. It is not currently possible to transfer part allocation of an order on the mobile app and the allocation of an order has to be made in full.