Tech Enabled 3PLs: The Future of Fulfilment

This guide covers:

  • Technology and the future of fulfilment 
  • Being ‘just a warehouse’ is no longer enough 
  • What online retailers need from today’s 3PL provider 
  • The role of technology as a differentiating factor  
  • How technology simplifies and streamlines operations 
  • What does the future look like for 3PLs? 
  • How Mintsoft can help 
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The role of technology as a differentiating factor for 3PLs

As retailers become more and more overwhelmed by online order growth, 3PL providers have become a key component in the supply chain.  

But users of 3PLs have high expectations of what they need. In the 2022 26th Annual Third-Party Logistics Study, 73% of 3PL users, and 90% of 3PL’s agree they need new and innovative ways to improve logistics effectiveness. 

The good news: fulfilment technology has entered an exciting phase. Cloud-based automation solutions have the potential to transform the speed, flexibility, and efficiency of a 3PL’s existing processes, and to enable entirely new business models and service offerings.

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