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Mintsoft launches first EPOS integration 

Vend HQ is the first EPOS (Electronic point of sale) integration available with Access Mintsoft. The Access Mintsoft integration with Vend HQ is typically beneficial for retailers who ship their e-commerce orders from the same location as their physical store front. 


Vend HQ is one of the leading cloud-based EPOS systems on the market - boasting a slick and intuitive user interface. Vend Customers also benefit from multi store support and real time sales & inventory visibility across all registers in all stores.  


Due to its modern open REST API - Vend HQ is particularly popular amongst multi-channel retailers who have both physical bricks and mortar stores and an online e-commerce presence as it opens up options to integrate with other store fronts and order management systems (OMS), inventory & warehouse management systems (WMS). 

The integration keeps inventory synchronised, so that as soon as a sale is made in the physical store this decrements stock available in the e-commerce warehouse which in turn updates the retailer’s e-commerce online storefront such as EBay and/or Shopify to prevent overselling. Likewise, when a sale is made online, the inventory is then removed from the stock available in the point-of-sale registers. 


Users also have an option with the Access Mintsoft integration with Vend HQ for customers to pay in store but have their items shipped to them by their warehouse. Example use case for this scenario could be for very large items where customers cannot fit the goods in their cars such as flat pack furniture. It could also be used by customers visiting the store to pre-order goods or items/sizes not available in store but a delivery is due in soon – and so a pre-payment can be taken instantly in store and then item shipped to the customer at a later date when the stock arrives using Access Mintsoft WMS. 


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