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Winning Sales on Amazon, eBay, Or Shopify But Want To Scale Up?

By Jordan Westley, E-commerce and OMS Expert

If your online store is steadily winning sales, should you scale up from your current E-commerce platform, which seems to be working well for you to selling on other platforms? What are the risks?  To win bigger, better repeat sales and continue to grow new business without experiencing major hiccups to service, costly mistakes, or damage to your brand’s reputation, you need a plan and the right tech.

Scaling up is an absolute necessity to move your game piece forward on the board and, ultimately, to win at the E-commerce game.

Hubspot states: “Scaling your business means you’re able to handle an increase in sales, work, or output in a cost-effective, reasonable manner,” but how can you do this in such a way that the wheels don’t fall off during the transition?

Should you sell on other platforms and channels?

Starting your brand can be as simple as having an idea for a product or service. Launching your business can be as simple as signing up for a storefront with an online marketplace platform, like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, etc., as a third-party seller. Or, you may invest in a total E-commerce solution such as Shopify, to develop your store, sell products, and develop your brand.


It is savvy to start slowly, get a feel for your niche market, and come to grips with your brand’s own style and its marketing needs. And it’s natural to want to bask in the glow of your success for a while and to relax after those first months of laying the foundations and fighting for recognition and survival!


But once you have created a well-oiled machine, it’s time to take the next natural steps forward so you don’t fall behind, or worse, get pushed backwards by your competition.


By adding more platforms to your business, you attract more sales from a more diverse audience. Take a look at this blog post for a detailed example: Platforms For Online Sellers: A Deep Dive Into NOTHS


On top of this, selling on a single channel selling can be quite dangerous for sellers. Imagine one day, you wake up to find that your store has been closed due to a complaint, or the site itself has gone under. It’s not impossible.


Diversifying is key to long term success and can also help you promote different products to different audiences. How can you choose which platform will work best?  


Choosing a platform

The channels you sell on should meet your own objectives. Consider how effective the delivery services are, how well known the platform is, and what target audiences they get. Is it likely to increase revenue for your type of products? What would your competition be?


Also, consider the fees. Selling on multiple platforms online means you pay an aggregate of fees – from annual fees, shipping fees, listing fees, payment processing fees. Time to get the spreadsheets out and calculate the benefits vs the costs!


Don’t go it alone

The important part of all of this? The ability to handle these extra sales, their associated stock counts and levels and the delivery – all without causing chaos.


It is important to be primed for your E-commerce store’s rapid sales growth when you add platforms or selling channels, so it doesn’t put a strain on your ability to fulfil all of your incoming orders. If you’re already at capacity on one channel, don’t just add another and hope for the best!


Now is the time to have more control over everything from accounting to inventory, order, and warehouse management.


You want transparency—you want to work on your terms – and you want to scale up. Don’t go it alone!


Making your move for a better fit

The Mintsoft solution for your business is a cloud-based E-commerce, order, and courier management system. It is the online retailer’s wish list realised: one platform of 170+ seamless, business-wide integrations to choose from and the transparency of all your online channels from one easy-to-navigate dashboard.


You can deliver great customer experiences by fulfilling your orders and keeping all your online shops updated at all times.


We help you manage your online shops across multiple E-commerce channels from a single platform. The system is a cloud-based E-commerce, order, and courier management tool so you can grow your with over 60 standard E-commerce integrations and over 80 UK and worldwide courier integrations, with real-time stock visibility.


If you’ve decided to add more platforms to your business, you will be in control every step of the way with Mintsoft by your side. Book a demo with our team today to find out how Mintsoft enables you to scale up as and when you desire and gives you the confidence to grow your E-commerce business as you see fit.