Integrations 101: All You Need To Know

By Danny Lawson, E-commerce and OMS Expert
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Why are API integrations important?

In an ever increasing digitally led world, consumer demand and expectations are at an all-time high. Integration capabilities allow you to be on top of your inventory by providing real-time stock visibility across multiple marketplaces. From automated shipping, to real-time updates and seamless order management, there are many benefits to API integrations for 3PLs, warehouses and online retailers.


Integrations also help to trim down complicated processes and automate time consuming tasks and entire workflows helping to save time and remove the risk of human error. By integrating all your channels and platforms, the need to log into multiple platforms is removed, meaning more secure and faster data transfer too – putting both yours and your customer’s mind at ease.


E-commerce integrations also ensure you are delivering great customer experiences by keeping all your online shops updated at all times. After all, in an era where competition is high, customer loyalty is even harder to gain and something as small as a payment error, missed order or delivery issue can be enough to lose customer loyalty these days.


What type of integrations does Mintsoft offer?

From marketplaces, to warehousing systems, the Mintsoft platform connects with a wide range of channels and services, allowing you to connect with your own sources, as well as your clients if needed:


  • Shopping Carts
  • Marketplaces
  • Inventory Systems
  • Couriers
  • Multi Carrier Solutions
  • Accounting Systems

The ability to connect all your platforms and systems from one centralised place means that order management is made easy; no need to log into different platforms. Managing your orders from one centralised platform also means that accuracy and speed of orders will be enhanced – saving both time and money in the long run.


We are always adding to our collection of integration capabilities, with new releases every 2-4 weeks, and aim to partner with the most popular services that online retailers and fulfilment houses use, so you can make the most of your Mintsoft platform. Below is a list of our most used integrations and the key features that they offer to give you an insight into how you could benefit from them:


Shopify integration

Shopify is one of our most popular shopping cart integrations and the seamless integration with Mintsoft means you can import orders directly from your Shopify platform. Enhance your E-commerce platform by supporting it with a dedicated fulfilment solution as the Mintsoft and Shopify integration allows users to tweak their setup to suit individual needs.


WooCommerce integration

The Mintsoft and WooCommerce marketplace integration makes managing your orders easier than ever. Mintsoft’s automated order import feature and post despatch update means you’ll never oversell again. These features mean your store is kept up-to-date at all times and customers are kept informed with the status of their order.


DPD integration

Our integration with DPD means you can benefit from hassle free shipment solutions. Popular features of our DPD integration include automated label printing, trouble free order tracking and the ability to manage shipments, returns and tracking notifications from one unified platform.


Royal Mail (via Intersoft) integration

Our Royal Mail via Intersoft integration allows you to keep up with the demands of E-commerce and customer delivery demands with powerful features. Our Royal Mail integration also works alongside our many marketplace integrations, making shipping as easy as possible and takes care of all the time consuming and technical aspects of shipping, so that you don’t have to.


Setting up your integrations: Flexibility and freedom to scale up

We offer a welcome call where our friendly Mintsoft team will handle all the system configuration, provide training, and check that all of your integration needs are set up correctly.


Access Mintsoft’s API method is really simple too, and lets you add on integrations as and when you need them. For example, if you are selling well on Ebay and Amazon, but have just been accepted by NOTHS, you can simply add these channels into your Mintsoft dashboard. You’ll get a clear overview of where you are selling, and what that looks like.


We also support native and third-party integrations into the broader supply chain ecosystem, which includes integrations such as accounting with Xero, and warehouse fulfilment and 3PL management.


What is the cost of using the Mintsoft integrations?

Access Mintsoft allows you to seamlessly integrate with 175+ sales channels and courier services at no extra cost. Our aim is to give you access to as many sales channels and courier services as possible to provide you complete flexibility and are always expanding our portfolio of integration partners.


Want to know more?

Why not book a personalised demo with a member of our friendly team to find out more about Access Mintsoft?