Etsy API Integrations: Guide & 6 Benefits

By Patrick Prasad, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Mintsoft
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One of Mintsoft’s most popular marketplace API integrations is Etsy. Originally focused on handmade or vintage items and craft supplies, Etsy has grown exponentially over the last year and is a popular ecommerce platform for many different product categories now.

But  how do Etsy sellers benefit from using an Etsy integration? What exactly can be integrated, and how do Etsy API integrations work? 


We’ll be answering these questions and providing 5 benefits of using an Etsy API integration for sellers looking to grow their business.


How do Etsy API integrations work? 



Simply put, Etsy integrations are third-party apps, tools and software which can be connected to your Etsy shop to improve the way you sell online.  Etsy can be integrated with a wide variety of complementary tools which will streamline your sales process, including accounting software, fulfillment apps, CRM systems, other marketplaces and order management software.


As an Etsy seller, utilising these integrations will make your life much easier, as they will often use ecommerce automation to streamline many time-consuming tasks which usually require human interaction. 


For example, Mintsoft’s Etsy API integration: 


  • Imports orders
  • Has an option for stock synchronisation (limited on variation listings)
  • Updates tracking numbers & despatch status
  • Has an option for pricing breakdown on sales orders


5 Benefits of An Etsy API Integration  



1. Manage orders from one centralised location


You can take control of your orders from one centralised location. Our shopping cart integrations offer full flexibility when accepting payments from your Etsy store, letting you complete your orders more efficiently.


E-commerce demand is high at the moment, and consumers are looking for quick and convenient transactions. By integrating your Etsy store with your shopping cart, you’ll be sure to provide a seamless shopping experience. At Mintsoft, all of our integrations are offered as standard, so there will be no additional costs for setting up multiple integrations.


2. Avoid overselling with order syncing


Our Etsy API integration for WooCommerce and Shopify are our most used combinations. Integrating your Etsy store with your shopping carts allows you to avoid overselling thanks to the possibility of syncing orders.  


3. Reduce costly mistakes


As well as taking control of your financials, connecting your Etsy store with an accounting system integration improves efficiency by removing the risk of duplicated data entry by having easy access to information from a centralised location.


Our collection of accountancy integrations makes taking control of financials easy. For example, using our Etsy integration alongside the Xero API integration enables you to streamline your operations by having the ability to manage everything from one platform.


4. Save valuable time


When running your own ecommerce business, time is your best friend. By not having to log onto courier systems to create shipments or manually type out tracking numbers, you’ll save a lot of it.


Mintsoft’s courier API integrations allow you to quickly and easily choose your preferred shipping method, and it automatically selects the cheapest shipping option based on your delivery needs.


5. Customers receive instant updates


By integrating Etsy with your chosen couriers, it will ​​automatically update the tracking number and despatch status, so your customers will always be kept in the loop about their order.


Mintsoft integrates with the biggest and most popular couriers, including Royal Mail, Hermes and DPD, so you can remove the complications of multiple deliveries via third-party services by using our direct courier integrations. 


Streamline order fulfillment on Etsy


If you want to know more about the integrations offered by Mintsoft, or how the platform can help you to scale up your business, book a personalised demo with a member of our friendly team.With Mintsoft’s 150+ integrations, inventory management is easier than ever. 



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